A COVID-Safe Return to the Classroom: NYC Webinar Recording

Keeping Your School Community
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And 100+ digital workflows to assist September’s return to school


Thought Leadership Webinar

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5 Ways Operoo Can Help

COVID-safe Processes

Resources and Workflows

Preparing for Reopening

Recording: A COVID-safe return to the classroom

A discussion with Phil Weinberg

In preparation for the return to face-to-face learning this September and beyond, schools must be equipped for the challenges of operating amidst the ‘new normal’ of COVID-19. But, balancing these needs should not detract from the core mission: Educating young people.
Watch as former NYCDOE Deputy Chancellor, Phil Weinberg, discusses how to both effectively and efficiently implement the strategies, safeguards, check-list items and systemized processes needed to manage a safe and productive return to the classroom. Operoo President, Peter Bencivenga, then demonstrates some real-world solutions that schools are already using to meet these demands.

Download: Webinar presentation slides HERE >

Considerations include verifying the health of all on-school arrivals, driving strong and correct participation during flexible class scheduling, communicating with your school community, collecting and acting on feedback, as well as tracking and reporting illness.

Managing Your Return to the Classroom:
5 Ways Operoo Can Help

For educators, parents and students alike, Coronavirus presents the biggest challenge ever faced by modern schooling systems. Discover 5 ways Operoo’s School Operations Platform can help you manage and automate five fundamental COVID-safe digital workflows:

1. Daily Student and Staff Health Attestation (Check-Ins)

Automatically distribute digital Health Check-In forms to all parents and staff. Log the intention of teachers and pupils to participate in on-campus learning each morning, verify the health of every recipient, and trigger follow-up communications if unexpected absenteeism occurs or illness is reported.

2. Visitor Approval Requests

Ensure only authorized visitors are permitted on-site and track all daily attendance in order to support potential contact tracing.

3. Contact-Free Building Entry Permission and Form Submission

With QR Code enabled forms, create a QR Wall outside your General Office to ensure contact-free submission of all school forms and that unexpected drop-ins are tracked and comply with Health Check-Ins.

4. Reopening Protocols and Surveys

Easily communicate — and seek acceptance of — school coronavirus protocols before school reopens. Then, request and analyze feedback from your parents, students and staff to assess and modify your COVID-safe timetabling and operating practices.

5. Flexible Scheduling Groups and Letters

Easily segment students into groups based on flexible COVID-ready schedules. Then, set-up automatic reminders to notify parents and students about the days and times they’re required to report to school. Be confident that the right people are in the right buildings on the right days, while ensuring pupils remain engaged with modified learning schedules.

Useful Resources

Below, you can find useful resources our webinar panelists have harnessed and developed, Operoo and its partners have compiled, as well as additional Operoo workflows to help you digitally manage your educational and operational processes during the COVID-19 pandemic:

NYC School Workflows

Built in Operoo for September

Below is an active list of workflows built by NYC schools in Operoo
as they prepare to return for September 2020. Operoo can be used to streamline all of your routine operational tasks with automated workflows for parents, staff, students and payments.

Parent Workflows

Blue Cards

Media Consent Form

Field Trip Permission Slips

Lost Metro Cards

Absence Notes

Parent Teacher Conference Registration

Tutoring Registration

After School Program Registration

Discipline Contracts

Cell Phone Contracts

Class Contracts

Event Registration

Injury Reports

Student Parent Handbooks

PSAL Athletic Forms

Parent Opt Out Forms

Parent Surveys

Parent Consent Forms

Student Onboarding



Proof of Residency

Health Forms


Staff Workflows

Receipt of Chancellor’s Regulations

Teachers Choice

Circular 6 Request

Supply Request

Room Request

Professional Development Tracker

Trip Plan Approval

Teacher Observation Selection

Personal Time Off

Personal Emergency Contact Card

Technology Repair Request

Building Maintenance

Reimbursement Request

Teacher Preference Sheets

Teacher Surveys

Teacher Self Reflection

Volunteer Request

Laptop Cart Management

PA Announcement

1 to 1 Device Initiative

Copy Center Request


Student Workflows

Course Requests

Club Registration

Event Registration

Student Surveys

Student Elections

Student Sign Ups

Guidance Meetings

Technology Request


Payment Workflows

Field Trip Payment Management

Event Tickets

Uniform Purchasing

Shopping Cart Purchasing

Senior Dues

Athletic Fees


Yearbook Boosters

Locker & Gym Uniforms

AP Exam Payment

Student Dances

Books and Supplies

Resources and Case Studies

Be ready when you reopen

We’ve helped over 150 NYC schools implement 100+ automated workflows — from digital Blue Cards, to paperless student onboarding and staff reimbursement requests — to streamline day-to-day operations and manage a COVID-safe return to the classroom. Read about some of their success stories, as well as our summaries of New York State and CDC guidelines for reopening schools, below.

1. Case study: PS8 – The Robert Fulton School

Hear how Robert Fulton Elementary used digital Blue Cards and embraced process automation technology to eliminate manual tasks and focus resources on digital form workflows to drive strong school-wide participation — even during a pandemic. Access the full case study HERE >

2. Case study: Staten Island Technical High School

See how Staten Island Tech worked with Operoo to digitize and automate staff processes, reducing the manpower required to perform them by 75%, while taking each workflow online.

Access the full case study HERE >

Webinar recording: Staten Island talks automating staff processes HERE >

3. Case Study: Elias Bernstein Intermediate School 7

Learn how Elias Bernstein worked with Operoo to automate paper processes, enhance student participation, increase parent engagement, and bring its school community together.

Access the full case study HERE >

Webinar recording: IS7 talks automating school trips and student onboarding HERE >

4. Case Study: Maury County School District

How a school district transformed its manual, paper-based Kindergarten registration process – by deploying a seamless digital-only workflow – to enable self-service, contact-free registration all year round. Access the full case study HERE >

5. Webinar recording: Transitioning to Virtual Schooling

Chances are, you’ll be delivering a hybrid of face-to-face and remote learning come September. Listening to this webinar recording to hear how five renowned NYC Principals transformed their schools from brick-and-mortar facilities into online education providers within days.

Access the recording HERE >



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