Payments & Shopping Cart

From selling school uniforms and tickets to collecting consent and payment for camps and trips.

The most efficient way to collect payments from families, staff and the public. 

Go cashless, as well as paperless

Operoo is a smarter way to collect payments for field trips, school fees or any other payment.

Include payment requests on any form, including public forms, or forms sent to parents or staff.

Automate your order forms for uniforms, products, tickets and more with a simple shopping cart.

Forget about children having to carry money around – cashless is the way to go!

Include payment requests in any form

Link the distribution and collection of any school form or order form with credit card payment requests.

Include mandatory or optional payments when seeking consent for a range of activities — from events and trips, to sports days and school camps.

Optionally, give people the flexibility to select cash payments or use international credit cards.

Drive online purchases with Simple Cart

Automate your order forms, monetize your website and make any school purchase a breeze with Operoo’s online shopping cart, Simple Cart.

Add multiple line items to a single transaction, set mandatory line items (think school fees, trips and camps), or set maximum quantities for specific items, as required. 

And, with the ability to absorb or pass on transaction fees, Operoo Payments is the zero-cost solution you’ve been looking for: Support your finance team, parent community, day-to-day operations and all your school activities.


Facilitate public fundraisers & donations

Amidst tight budgets, the desire to build cohesive school communities, and provide diverse learning opportunities for students, conducting successful fundraising drives is critical.

Pair Operoo Public eForms and Simple Cart to arrange public events and collect funds from anyone — not just school staff and registered parents.

Schedule and manage all types of payments

Operoo gives you the flexibility to schedule payments and allows you to offer a number of ways to make a payment:

Online via credit card, cash, cheques, waivers, bank transfer, wires, money orders…we’ve got you covered.

Reporting and analytics

Easily track all payments made in Operoo.

View payment data in real-time, filter, sort and search payment information. 

Export your data for analysis or use Operoo’s handy graphical charts to summarize important payment data.   

A payments partner you can trust

When transactions are made through Operoo, they’re securely processed by Stripe; our payments partner and global market leader.

And, with the tight Operoo — Stripe integration, your admins, finance and business managers can see important school-related details recorded against each transaction, including Student ID, Student Name, Contact Email, Contact Name and the eForm Name they used to make the payment.


How we've helped

See how Bootham School, York, UK, a boarding school, digitised and automated its paper based trip management processes, and consolidated its manual systems of medical record keeping, to improve student safety and focus on what matters most.

See how Elizabeth College, UK, automated the distribution and collection of forms across its school, reducing staff workload, safeguarding data security and increasingly the reliability of student medical information – all while providing a seamless user experience for parents with customised Operoo – Firefly integration.

See the top 12 outcomes Allerton High School achieved by digitising and automating student pre-admissions:

See how Beaconhills College, Australia, digitized and saved more than $50,000 on medical paperwork, saved thousands of hours of work, and create a single source of truth.

See how St Peter’s College, New Zealand, digitized and automated school trip management to escape a paperwork avalanche, give teachers their time back, keep students safe and engage its parent community.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Michael Watt

Principal, St Paul's Catholic Primary School

Operoo has totally changed the way we run our office. It has streamlined all of our processes to the point where our staffing needs have dropped. So we love Operoo. It’s changed our life.

Jeremy Hughes

HeadteacherWest Town Lane Academy, United Kingdom

It's fantastic. We use it for all our trips, visits, as well as our medical consent…and we use it several times a week. I find it really good. Parents like it. Staff like it. Easy to use. So I certainly recommend it.

Adey Greaves

SBM and COO of Odyssey Collaborative Trust
Portway Junior School, United Kingdom

We don’t use paper at all anymore. We’ve installed Operoo for all our forms and processes, integrated it with our SIS, and found it to be a really, really great system to use. We love it.

Chris Burns

Deputy Principal, Star of the Sea College, Australia

Operoo has been amazing. It has drastically reduced the workload for administration staff and parents have commented favourably on its ease of use and efficient way of communicating and collecting permission for excursions etc.

Michael Watt

Principal, St Paul's Catholic Primary School, Australia

Operoo has totally changed the way we run our office. It has streamlined all of our processes to the point where our staffing needs have dropped. So we love Operoo. It’s changed our life.”

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