Data Protection Impact Assessment

Complete your DPIA about Operoo

The objective of a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is to identify and analyse how data privacy might be affected by certain activities. If your school is located in the European Union, then a DPIA is required if you plan to process personal data, including health information.

Operoo’s DPIA Guide helps you understand how Operoo adheres to the GDPR to keep private data secure. Plus, you’ll find the answers you need to complete your own Data Protection Impact Assessment.


What you’ll learn

  • An introduction to the GDPR
  • Why process personal information in Operoo?
  • Does my organisation need a DPIA?
  • Key questions to help you understand and demonstrate GDPR compliance
    1. What personal data may be collected?
    2. What consent is recorded?
    3. Does any personal data flow anywhere else?
    4. Who has access to personal information?
    5. How does Operoo keep personal data secure?
    6. What is the data retention period?
    7. How is personal data securely deleted?
    8. What policies and procedures are required?

LEARN MORE: Watch Operoo’s GDPR Webinar

Please note: This video was created before CareMonkey was rebranded as Operoo.