How a Trip Management Platform automated paper processes, enhanced student participation, increased parent engagement, and brought a school community together

A School Case Study:
Automating Paper Processes

Elias Bernstein Intermediate

Located in the Borough of Staten Island, Elias Bernstein Intermediate School 7 is a New York City school spread across three grade levels — six, seven and eight.

Staff at Elias Bernstein strive to ensure its 1200 students participate in its large range of events, field trips, extracurricular activities and support programs.

However, Principal Dr. Nora De Rosa found that managing those services — and school trips in particular — had become exhausting for administrators, teachers and support staff alike.

With an innovative vision for Bernstein Intermediate, Dr. De Rosa was keen to embrace technology-led solutions to solve this challenge. We caught-up with Assistant Principal, Dina Testa, to discuss their Operoo journey.


The Challenge

Paper-based processes to plan, approve, and manage school trips were extremely time consuming for staff, which in turn negatively impacted student participation due to parents not being fully engaged in the process.

The Solution

Operoo streamlined and digitized the whole end-to-end trip management process in a single automated workflow, including internal approval processes, permission slips and anytime access to Blue Card information.

The Results

Elias Bernstein has completely transformed the way it plans, communicates and manages field trips, resulting in improved parent engagement, equity and access for students, and reduced administrative demands on school staff.

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“No other system takes the whole trip management process online in a single automated workflow — we now use Operoo for everything we do.”

Dina Testa, Assistant Principal
Elias Bernstein Intermediate School 7

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Eliminate paper

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