Customer Testimonials

Testimonials from the people who use Operoo.

Customer Testimonials

Maury County Public Schools

Superintendent, Dr Chris Marczak describes the benefits of going paperless with Operoo (CareMonkey).


Eliminating 36,000 forms 

Superintendent, Dr Chris Marczak describes just one use case where Maury county Public School used Operoo (CareMonkey) to save processing 36,000 forms.


West Town Lane Academy

Headteacher, Jeremy Hughes, describes how Operoo is used for trips, visits and medical consents.


Odyssey Collaborative Trust

Adey Greaves, Chief Operating Officer,  describes how they have automated forms and processes.


Padua College

The team at Padua College have been using Operoo (CareMonkey) for more than 5 years. 


St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School


Adrianna Bownds, Deputy Principal, tells us why Operoo (CareMonkey) is remarkable! 

Woodleigh School

Lance Pilgrim, Director of Digital Technologies, describes how the school uses Operoo (CareMonkey) everyday for camps, excursions and for a variety of other reasons.


Holy Trinity Primary School

Vincent Bumpstead, Principal, describes how the school uses Operoo (CareMonkey) and how much they appreciate our online chat support.


St Pauls Catholic Primary School

Michael Watt, Principal, describes how the Operoo (CareMonkey) has reduced staffing needs and changed their life!


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