How Robert Fulton Elementary used digital Blue Cards and embraced process automation technology to eliminate manual tasks and focus resources on digital form workflows to drive strong school-wide participation — even during a pandemic.

An NYC School Case Study:
Blue Cards, Registration & Onboarding

Robert Fulton PS 8 Elementary School

Robert Fulton School: The Magnet School for Exploration, Research and Design — otherwise known as Public School 8 — is an elementary school based in Brooklyn, which operates as part of the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE). At PS 8, 58 staff are responsible for educating 685 students spread from Kindergarten through to 5th Grade.

As the school grew, an increasing strain was placed on its people and manual, paper-based processes. Principal, Trish Peterson, knew that to keep pace with NYCDOE compliance requirements, its students safe and engaged, and its resources and staff focused on achieving educational outcomes, things had to change.

From that point, Peterson embarked on a journey to transform how the school completed operational processes and collected, verified and shared student data.

PS8 case study results

Parents love being able to respond to any request for information, or sign any type of consent form, straight from their phones. And, teachers love having everything they need in the palm of their hand. Parents and staff rave about Operoo. Everything has been amazing.

Trish Peterson, Principal
Robert Fulton PS 8 Elementary School, NYC

Eliminate paper
Save time
Save Money
Reduce Risk

The Wasted Millions on Student Registration

It’s time to digitize, streamline and automate

The tip of a very expensive iceberg

Traditional, resource-intensive student registration takes hours to complete, sheet after sheet of paper, and a huge team of teachers and administrators, which all costs money. Estimates indicate that the average NYC school spends a staggering $45,017 on the administrative costs associated with processing just the paper-based elements of student registration applications each year.

But, this is just the tip of a very expensive iceberg. We have not included costs that derive from chasing down child information from parents, communicating with pre-registered families, manual data entry and management, student on-boarding, or the many other activities associated with the registration process.
Then, there’s the year-round costs of inefficient paper-based student, staff and parent processes.


Beyond Student Registration

Did you know that the average NYC school spends over $70,000
on processing paper forms throughout the school year?

Digitizing and automating school forms and workflows ensures you’re not wasting limited budgets on repetitive, manual tasks.

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6 Ways to Transform Your Student Registration and Onboarding Processes with Operoo

With Operoo, you can digitize and automate your school’s most important registration and onboarding processes: From the all-important distribution and collection of forms, manual data wrangling and communicating with prospective families, to on-boarding new and returning students.

1. All your registration and school forms ready-to-go

Digitally distribute and collect all required forms, with Operoo’s ready-to-send pre-built forms.

2. Automated tracking and reminders

Don’t waste effort calling and emailing parents over unreturned forms. Track response rates and let Operoo do the chasing for you.

3. Get more responses in less time with multilingual & mobile access

Empower parents to complete forms using their language and device of choice.

4. Seamlessly communicate with pre-admitted and existing families

Send automated, group and personalized digital communications to parents of pre-admitted students with zero manual effort.

5. Eliminate data double-handling with PDF mapping

Automatically map Operoo forms to official DOE PDF form templates. Stop asking parents to fill out the same forms come September.

6. Trigger all new student on-boarding requests upon enrolment

Operoo will programmatically trigger all new student on-boarding requests upon enrolment, removing student registration bottlenecks.

Additional Operoo Workflows

Eliminate paper and manage your school digitally

Operoo can be used to streamline all your routine operational tasks, with automated workflows for parents, staff, students and payments.
Bring your student registration process, and all your day-to-day school tasks and workflows, into the digital age.

Parent Workflows

Blue Cards

Media Consent Form

Field Trip Permission Slips

Lost Metro Cards

Absence Notes

Parent Teacher Conference Registration

Tutoring Registration

After School Program Registration

Discipline Contracts

Cell Phone Contracts

Class Contracts

Event Registration

Injury Reports

Student Parent Handbooks

PSAL Athletic Forms

Parent Opt Out Forms

Parent Surveys

Parent Consent Forms

Student Onboarding



Proof of Residency

Health Forms

Staff Workflows

Receipt of Chancellor’s Regulations

Teachers Choice

Circular 6 Request

Supply Request

Room Request

Professional Development Tracker

Trip Plan Approval

Teacher Observation Selection

Personal Time Off

Personal Emergency Contact Card

Technology Repair Request

Building Maintenance

Reimbursement Request

Teacher Preference Sheets

Teacher Surveys

Teacher Self Reflection

Volunteer Request

Laptop Cart Management

PA Announcement

1 to 1 Device Initiative

Copy Center Request

Student Workflows

Course Requests

Club Registration

Event Registration

Student Surveys

Student Elections

Student Sign Ups

Guidance Meetings

Technology Request

Payment Workflows

Field Trip Payment Management

Event Tickets

Uniform Purchasing

Shopping Cart Purchasing

Senior Dues

Athletic Fees


Yearbook Boosters

Locker & Gym Uniforms

AP Exam Payment

Student Dances

Books and Supplies

Public Workflows

Student Pre-Admissions

Expressions of Interest

Open House Registrations

Anonymous Feedback

Order Forms

Uniform Purchase Requests

Private Requests

Public Donations

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