Top 25 Operational Workflows Digitized

by NYC Schools in Operoo

School Workflow Automation
Throughout New York, and across the United States, Operoo’s School Operations Platform is being used to automate parent, staff and student processes, digitallying managing over 200 operational workflows in K – 12 schools and districts.
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Below are the top 25 paper and people reliant workflows we’ve helped automate, empowering you to stop wasting resources on operational inefficiencies and, instead, focus every minute and every dollar possible on student education:

1. Digital Blue Cards

Ensure you have the latest medication information and emergency contact details, for all your students, at your fingertips — anywhere, anytime, on any device.

With Operoo, parents complete a digital Blue Card Form once, quickly update it whenever information changes, with staff able to immediately access that updated Blue Card data on any device or platform.

Authorized staff are also immediately alerted when changes are made, so you’re never caught off-guard.

Discover how Operoo’s new Digital Blue Card syncs with ATS data to support the latest NYC DOE digitization initiative. ” style=”color: #00ccff;”>FIND OUT MORE >

Digital Blue Card
School Field Trips

2. Field Trip Management

Automate the entire trip management lifecycle: From internal sign-offs, distributing and collecting permission forms, and managing Blue Cards and payments; to identifying and safeguarding vulnerable cohorts, responding to emergencies and recording incidents, communicating with parents, and securing confidential student data once an activity has finished.

Check out our webinar to learn the top 10 best practices for delivering paperless (and seamless) digital field trips in a COVID-19 world.

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3. OP 175 and Per Session Time Sheet

Set-up Per Session Timesheets and Apply for Comp Time Positions, then manage associated approval workflows, 100 percent digitally using Operoo. Ensure overtime submissions are easy to complete and easy to fulfil, reducing stress on administrative staff and your hard-working teachers alike.

For details, check out this Operoo User Group session.


Per Session Time Sheet
School Backpack

4. Backpack Letters

Never struggle with lost and crumpled backpack letters again. Operoo’s helped digitally distribute over 40 Chancellor’s Letters to the parents of NYC DOE schools with a single click.

And, digitize school-based letters too, such as updates from the principal, and collect digital signatures and acknowledgements from parents for any document: From Attendance, Promotion in Doubt and Summer School Letters.

For details, check out this Operoo User Group session:

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5. Staff Reimbursement Requests

Take the burden off your office and finance teams, while keeping staff happy, by delivering prompt reimbursements with the power of workflow automation: From Teachers Choice, SLT Remuneration and Request for Imprest Funds.

For more, check out our webinar: Going Cashless, as well as Paperless. Discover how to consolidate your payment and form-based processes in the same seamless digital workflow: From AP Exam Payments, Uniform Purchasing, collecting Senior Dues, submitting Staff Reimbursement Requests, or integrating payment requests within Field Trip Consent Forms.

Student registration and onboarding workflow

6. Digital Registration and Onboarding

Automate your most important start-of-year processes and the associated workflows, data collation, tracking and analysis: From the distribution and collection of forms and Blue Cards, manual data wrangling and communicating with prospective families, to onboarding new and returning students. Discover how to eliminate data double-handling by instantly mapping Operoo eForms to official DOE PDF templates. And, use data-based triggers — to automate student on-boarding requests upon enrollment — in order to remove registration bottlenecks.

Group case study: Hear how six NYCDOE schools, from across all five boroughs, digitized registration and onboarding processes for incoming students. Automatically distribute, track, chase and receive all required forms and consents via one secure online platform.

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7. Consent Forms

Drive higher and faster response rates for all permission requests by digitally delivering signable eForms straight to your parents’ cell phones: From Media Consent, Walking Home, COVID Testing, Early Leave Requests and more.

Discover how your fellow schools are embracing eForms to digitally distribute, collect and automate consents:

” style=”color: #00ccff;”>WATCH eFORMS MASTERCLASS >

Consent forms
COVID Form Acceptance

8. Health Attestations

Schools and districts are using Operoo’s Health Checks and Recurring eForms to keep the 20/21 school year on track. Automate daily health screenings, COVID-safe protocols and blended learning arrangements in one digital, mobile-ready, workflow. Then, discover how to set-up Trigger Actions to instantly distribute follow-up communications. Embrace automation to help focus your time, energy and resources on what matters most: Ensuring strong student learning outcomes.

For more, check out these resources:

” style=”color: #00ccff;”>COVID-19 Health Check-In page >

” style=”color: #00ccff;”>Health Attestation Webinar >

9. School-Based Health Center Packets

School-based Health Centers (SBHCs) provide independent on-site care to students at no cost to families. They’re an enormously beneficial resource. However, for parents, signing-up their children can be an arduous task. At Operoo, we work with NYC schools, to digitise their SBHC onboarding packets and automate the entire process, ensuring all children have the opportunity to access quality healthcare for free.

School Health Center

10. Teacher Preference Sheets

When preparing for the next school year, it’s critical to find out what teachers want to teach: From subjects and grade levels, to classes, team teaching, and any other program preferences that might pertain to your school. With Operoo, designing, distributing and collecting feedback sheets or surveys is a breeze.

And, easily track completed responses and quickly identify staff members who are lagging behind. Even aggregate results in a spreadsheet for review.

To hear how schools like yours are already embracing Operoo for Teachers Preferences, Policy Sign-Offs and a range of other staff workflows, ” style=”color: #00ccff;”>WATCH THIS WEBINAR >

11. Student Contracts

Automatically distribute student policies, agreements and contracts to parents or students — from Cell Phone, Safety, or Discipline Contracts, to Internet Usage Agreements — so that everyone can hit the ground running in September.

We’ve been working with school across NYC to digitize the distribution, collection and tracking of all student contracts, as part of their start-of-year onboarding workflows.


Citywide Behavioral Expectations
Automated Translation

12. ELL Management and Support Documentation

Our school communities are becoming increasingly multicultural. GIve your foreign families the added support they deserve by making it easy to digitally access ELL Parent Surveys as well as supporting documentation and services. And, deliver this content straight to their cell phones, where they can automatically receive everything in their language of choice.

During remote learning, schools across NYC used Operoo to digitally distribute surveys to better-understand the technology needs of their families.

13. School Lunch Forms

The NYC DOE mandates that School Lunch Forms need to be collected by the end of October each year. Critically, schools depend on receiving these completed forms from families in order to secure Title 1 Funding.

Operoo helps schools digitize these forms, then distribute them straight to parents’ cell phones, to drive significantly higher and faster response rates. Operoo schools have reported receiving 100 percent of their lunch forms back, at record pace, without any manual follow-up.

School Lunch Form
Opt Out Form

14. Opt Out Forms

Determining who, and how, to exclude from school programs and services usually requires constant management. By digitizing standard Opt Out Forms, and combining them with dynamic group management in Operoo, schools can automate both the collection of opt-out forms and ongoing segmentation of the students to which they apply — from Military Opt Out and National Clearing House, to Condom Distribution.

15. Medication Administration Forms

Once your school receives a completed student Blue Card, subsequent information often needs to be requested based on the medical conditions identified — from asthma to anaphylaxis.

With Operoo, you can automatically trigger requests for additional documentation, such as Medication Administration Forms, based on Blue Card responses collected. Even set automated reminders to alert the school and parents when supplied medical documents, such as Asthma Action Plans, are set to expire.

Action Plan
Policy Management

16. HR, Payroll and Policy Management

Managing staff, along with their entitlements and obligations, places significant recurring administrative demand on schools. From OP 198 and 201 Forms, to Unused Sick Time Transfers and more.

Automating all your HR and payroll forms and associated workflows in Operoo means your school can put its administrative resources to better use.

Operoo also empowers you to automate the creation, distribution and collection of all new policies in one place. Easily track responses, and include an acknowledgement button or mandatory signature field, to ensure compliance with any policy update.

Even set automated follow-ups and reminders to receive higher completion rates in less time: From acknowledging and complying with new school guidelines and Chancellor’s Regulations, to submitting Teacher Self Reflection Surveys.

17. Request Management

Requests are always being made of your school; from both staff and families. With Operoo, not only can you digitize these application processes, automated workflows ensure approvals can be managed seamlessly too. Easily replace your manual, multi-app or paper-based process.

On the staff side, room, supply purchase, photocopying and PA announcements are just some of the routine requests to be managed. For students, course selection is a prime example. Receive student course preferences within minutes; not days or weeks. Easily route responses to the right place at the right time — to the Grade Advisor or Careers Counselor, Assistant Principal and Program Chair — to avoid unnecessary scheduling delays. And, trigger follow-up actions based on submissions received, such as the distribution of student contracts, onboarding documents, handbooks, school fees and more.

We’ve worked with schools across NYC and the US to automate hundreds of staff workflows, including requests for teacher support, copy center applications, PA announcements, room reservations and more.

Purchase Request
Tech Support

18. Tech Support and Custodial Request Ticketing

Organizing and tracking all your technical support requests can be hard at the best of times. And, with staff and students all working from home, you need a robust mechanism for managing your support ticket processes online — from start to finish.

With Operoo, effortlessly set-up an end-to-end digital workflow to ensure nothing falls through the cracks — from logging, categorizing, resolving and communicating progress of support tickets submitted by parents, students and staff alike. Easily route support tickets to appropriate staff, while tracking each one being approved and managed.

During remote learning, some schools even set-up inventory management workflows to facilitate, track and manage the use of school equipment — such as laptops — off-site. To hear more, skip to the 17:45 mark of this webinar, Automating Staff Processes and Approval Workflows, held as part of Illuminate Education’s 2021 User Conference.

19. Senior Dues and Activity Management

As students progress into senior year levels, it’s increasingly common for schools to request and collect payments for a range of services, products and activities: From Senior Dues to uniform purchases and prom tickets.

Managing this workflow manually can get tricky fast. Operoo is working with schools to automate these student payment requests: From the initial distribution of digital forms, to integrated online payments, as well as form submission and tracking. Forget chasing students for overdue payments and manually reconciling paper forms against physical payments.

For more, check out our webinar: Going Cashless, as well as Paperless.

Exam Registration and Payment

20. AP Exam Registration and Payment

AP Exam registration and payment is a perfect example of a large-scale recurring school process. Most schools still persist with physical sign-up sheets and accept a range of payment options, which are most often submitted separately.

Integrate AP Exam registration submissions and payments, into one digital workflow, and eliminate the need to manually manage the process.

21. Daily Announcement and Text Messaging

Effortlessly ensure parents are informed and engaged with SMS, push notifications and email communications, which are accessible anywhere and anytime via the Operoo Mobile App.

Digitally distribute Daily Announcements directly to intended recipients (in over 100 languages), as well as newsletters, memos, policy updates, meeting or consent requests and more.

Even distribute real-time updates to any group in Operoo, received in each recipient’s preferred language, with Operoo News. And, push notifications in the new Operoo Mobile App instantly alert parents to news as it happens.

To find out more about Operoo News, ” style=”color: #00ccff;”>GO HERE >

Parent Teaher Interviews

22. Parent – Teacher Conference Management and Appointment Scheduling

Coordinating parent – teacher interviews is a logistical nightmare; even when we’re not grappling with a pandemic. Leave the chaos behind.

Digitally deliver conference booking forms straight to parents’ cell phones, track scheduled appointments in real-time, and automatically notify teachers as soon as an appointment is logged.

Scheduling other types of meetings for things like guidance or careers counseling — and issuing subsequent reminders — also shouldn’t have to involve any of the three Ps: People, paper and phone calls.

To hear how schools are using this in practice, check out our webinar, Automating Staff Processes and Approval Workflows, delivered as part of Illuminate Education’s 2021 User Conference.

23. Events, After School Club and Extracurricular Program Registration

School programs, activities and events require strong parental engagement and student participation to be sustainable and successful. But, awkward, time-consuming and manual sign-up processes often get in the way. That’s why schools across NYC are streamlining the associated registration, payments and Blue Card verification processes in integrated digital workflows.

To hear more, check out our Automating Parent-Facing Forms and Processes webinar, held as part of Illuminate Education’s 2021 User Conference.

Extracurricular Activities

24. 408 Verification and IEP Management Sign-Offs

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are essential to help map and monitor a student’s unique learning needs. However, completing the associated documentation, and getting the IEP approved, can be slow and cumbersome.

With Operoo, you can distribute all IEP documents to parents and staff digitally, embedding automated approval workflows, to ensure each person can quickly complete and sign-off-on the plan.

Watch this virtual NYC User Group to see how to set-up and manage digital 408 Verification Forms and Student Logs using Operoo. ” style=”color: #00ccff;”>WATCH WEBINAR >

25. Contactless Visitor Check-Ins

Knowing who’s in your school buildings, and doing that in a contact-free manner, has never been more important. When visitors enter the building and need a form, point them to your QR code wall. Opening their camera, or a QR code reader, users can scan Operoo generated QR codes and automatically open forms on their mobile devices.

Together, Operoo Public eForms and QR Code recognition capabilities enable you to facilitate contact-free submission for any form type, from anybody – not just school staff and registered parents.

For more, ” style=”color: #00ccff;”>WATCH THIS 3-MINUTE VIDEO >

QR Code Contactless Visitor Check In

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