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New Operoo NYC Blue Card
(Available Summer 2021)

Syncing with ATS to provide a single easy view of the fullest range of student health data, emergency contacts and deepest set of visual insights possible

Operoo empowers schools to automate and manage operational processes with digital workflows for parents, staff and students. And, when it comes to managing student safety and wellbeing, nothing is more important. That’s why we’re updating our Digital Blue Card to ensure authorized staff and parents / guardians have universal access to the fullest range of student health information and insights possible; anywhere, anytime, from any device.

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Operoo’s updated Digital Blue Card is designed to complement the announcement from the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) regarding the capture of student medical data in the Emergency Contact Report (RCON) within its Automate The School (ATS) administration system.
The NYCDOE has introduced a new way for parents and guardians to update emergency contact and student health information via their official NYC Schools Account (NYCSA). We have been expecting and welcome this positive step towards digitization, which allows parents / guardians to append data throughout the school year. Operoo’s overhauled Digital Blue Card works alongside this NYCDOE initiative, enhancing the digital experience for school staff.

12 benefits of Operoo’s new Blue Card

Delivering a single, visual view of all your Blue Card data, analysis and workflows

Here is a summary of the benefits provided by Operoo’s new Digital Blue Card. With Operoo, ensure you have easy access to more data and data analysis capabilities — without ever having to manage two sets of information thanks to our unique sync with ATS:

Auto Sync from ATS

RCON data in ATS automatically synced to digital Blue Cards in Operoo.

One View of All Data

Operoo-entered and ATS-entered data is displayed in one unified view within Operoo.

Visual Data Analysis

All ATS emergency contact and medical data visually displayed, enabling easy analysis.

Blue Card Change Alerts

Action Plans

Verify time-stamped changes in real-time, made to any Operoo Blue Card, against ATS data.

Field Lockdowns

Set Access and Permissions

Lock-down any Blue Card fields to prevent parents from making unwanted changes.

Reconciliation Report

Pinpoint any differences between data held in Operoo and ATS.

Track ATS Imports

Know when the latest data import from ATS occurred with date-stamped logs.

Extra Care Information

Document Management

Add or update data and documents not included in NYCSA: Orders of Protection, new custodians and more.

Create Action Plans


Users can now create and update Medical Action Plans to support students with severe conditions.

Trigger-based Workflows

Automatically distribute follow-up comms and request documents, such as Court Orders or Proof of Residence.

Automated Re-verification

Automatically ask parents / guardians to re-verify all Blue Card information every six months.

Mobile-ready Format


Easily view Blue Cards and take action on-the-go, during dismissals or emergencies, straight from your cell phone.

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