Moving from manual to digital school forms is a game-changer. 

It alleviates a confusing and often overwhelming process for parents and lightens the workload for teachers and administrators. Bottom line: digitizing operational processes streamlines cumbersome manual tasks and strengthens communication and connection between schools and families.

For the School of Arts & Sciences (SAS), a two-location charter network in Florida, digitizing translatable staff-parent communications resulted in benefits beyond improved efficiency. It extended their capabilities. It empowered teachers and families. And, it boosted school fundraising—no small feat during and after a global pandemic!

Overhauling an outdated system to streamline workflows

By taking the initiative to introduce a powerful, device-agnostic digitization system, SAS supercharged essential processes like student admissions, HR requirements, and fundraising efforts.

Just a few of the SAS school forms that received an upgrade via Operoo: 

  • Student registration and onboarding
  • Student medical data capture and verification 
  • Field trip management
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Medication permission forms
  • Digitized commitment forms for managing enrollment
  • Staff payroll forms

SAS eliminated the cascade of steps that need to happen in operational workflows. Chasing missing or incomplete information, distributing forms, and beginning new request or approval processes all became a thing of the past. Just think of the time and frustration saved!

Less hassle, more donations

Before implementating Operoo, SAS’s fundraising initiatives had a manual process that required constant management, countless follow-ups, and hands-on reconciliation to log and track donations to the school.

By digitizing every component of the process and streamlining it into one seamless workflow—from distributing the initial request to issuing automated follow ups to accepting payments and tracking contributions—SAS saw a 50% boost in contributions. 

Learn more about how SAS improved efficiency and boosted fundraisingDive into greater detail on how SAS implemented a digitized school document management system in this case study. Learn how Operoo can help your own school district harness this power for greater communication, collaboration, and connection.