Edtech Webinar: Automating COVID quarantine management for schools

US Quarantine Workflows webinar - Sep 2021

Streamline Your COVID-19 Quarantine Practices

Keep your school community safe and your resources focused on educational outcomes

As the new academic year begins, providing a sense of normality and dedicating limited resources to student learning is critical. But, effectively managing COVID cases within our school communities — and subsequent isolation protocols — remains a challenge.
Watch this EdTech webinar as we demonstrate how forward-thinking schools and districts are achieving both objectives by automating quarantine management with digital workflow technology: From identifying symptomatic individuals with daily health screeners, reporting positive cases to health authorities, notifying affected families and staff and providing isolation instructions; to programmatically moving affected students in and out of remote learning groups, collecting work and attendance data from quarantined students, communicating class or school closures, and requesting vaccination records.
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As seen on NBC’s TODAY show

Operoo is already working with hundreds of schools and districts throughout New York — and across the country — to automate a range of COVID-safe practices, including daily health attestations, digital building passes and flexible timetabling.
Pictured below using the Operoo app as part of an NBC story on the TODAY show, Pleasantville Union Free School District is working with us to support in-person learning and keep school doors open this September.

Pleasantville High School using Operoo Health Screeners

10 COVID-safe processes to automate

As part of your digital school quarantine workflow

Discover how digital workflow solutions are empowering technology-driven education institutions to streamline COVID-19 quarantine processes and practices by automating the following tasks:  

COVID-testing consents:

Ensure up-to-date permissions are gathered and on-hand as health advice adapts to changing circumstances.

COVID Testing Consent Form

Daily Health Check-Ins and screeners:

Use recurring eForms with automated reminders to survey the health of staff and students — via any web-enabled device, and in any language — each morning before school.

Issue digital building passes:

Automatically distribute date-stamped building passes to non-symptomatic staff, parents and students — after you receive their Daily Health Check-In responses — to control admittance to school buildings.

COVID Form Acceptance
Mobile Communication

Manage on-site symptoms with Sickbay Reports:

Digitally log incidents of illness, document treatments given or tests administered, and trigger follow-up instructions regarding quarantine.

Contact free sign-out / pick-up:

Ensure family members, who may also be infectious, can collect students from school in a contact-free manner.

QR Code Contactless Visitor Check In
Mobile Communication

Trigger comms when potential and confirmed COVID cases are identified:

Issue symptomatic individuals and close contacts with isolation and testing instructions, at-home learning guides, class or school closure notifications.

Segment symptomatic individuals:

Use dynamic groups and smart forms to automatically segment symptomatic students and staff into special cohorts to ensure isolation and participation in remote learning.

Dynamic Group Management
Request Management

Request and collect data from remote learning groups:

Use scheduled and trigger-based reminders to digitally track attendance, set and collect assignments for positive cases and close contacts.

Re-integrate recovered COVID patients:

Request follow-up test results, vaccination records, and automatically remove recovered individuals from COVID-induced remote learning groups.

Student Inter-transfer Management
Request Management

COVID-19 tracking and analysis:

Centrally collate and assess all your COVID-19 health check responses, incidents and report new cases to local health authorities with logs, charts and dashboards.

Streamlining operational processes for K – 12

In fact, schools and districts throughout New York — and across the country — are already embracing Operoo’s digital workflow management platform to streamline 200+ day-to-day processes, eliminating the need to perform recurring, error-prone and resource-intensive manual tasks.

Discover how to harness process automation technology to drastically reduce the manpower required to conduct and oversee common tasks, while increasing parent engagement, student participation and staff productivity: From student registration and onboarding, to field trip management, electronically capturing consents and signatures, athletic program management, student Inter-transfers and more.

About The Webinar

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is designed for K – 12 education leaders who want to embrace operational efficiency as a way to utilize resources more effectively, while increasing staff productivity, parental engagement and student participation.

These include:

District leaders: Supers, Assistant Supers, Directors of Operations etc

School leaders: Principals, Assistant Principals, Business and Operations Managers etc

Technology leaders: SPOCs, Heads of ICT, Technology Directors and Digital Transformation Managers

Admin and health leaders: Office Managers, Parent Coordinators, School Nurses, designated COVID response personnel

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About Operoo

Operoo is a School Workflow Management Platform. We streamline routine and recurring operational tasks with process automation and digital workflow management.

In 2021, we helped over 350 NYC schools to streamline more than 200 slow, expensive and repetitive paper-based processes: From managing Blue Cards and Field Trips, to Student Onboarding and Staff Reimbursement Requests.

Operoo empowers schools and districts to save time and resources by automating operational workflows, thereby increasing staff productivity, parental engagement and student participation. With Operoo, ensure every dollar and every minute possible is focused on student outcomes.

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