Top 35 Workflows Digitised by UK Schools

Top 35 Operational Processes to Automate
this School Year

An EdTech webinar series for UK schools and MATs

Schools are inherently full of inefficient operational processes, which have an unsustainable and unreliable dependency on people and paper: From student medical information and incident management; school trips and extra-curricular activity management; student pre-admissions and induction; to parent communications and consents; payments and ordering; staff requests, approvals and policy management; and more.
Streamlining these routine tasks can save enormous recurring effort, time and resources. But, how do you do it, and where do you start?
Watch Operoo’s EdTech webinar series as we unveil the top 35 operational workflows, which forward-thinking UK schools are already digitising in 2021. Then, watch-on as we demonstrate how to automate the most resource-intensive parent, staff and student processes live.
Discover how to boost parent engagement, staff productivity and student participation.

Sessions recorded between Tuesday 28th Sept and Thursday 7th Oct 2021

Additionally, access a free copy of Operoo’s best practice guide,
Top 35 Operations UK Schools Should Automate in 2021, here:
To develop this resource, we analysed the 200+ manual tasks and processes we’ve helped schools automate this calendar year, and compiled a summary of the most frequently used and automation-worthy.

6 Core School Workflow Sessions

Achieving your operational goals with process automation and digital workflow management

In 2021, we’re helping hundreds of schools across the UK — and thousands around the world — automate over 200 slow, expensive and repetitive paper-based processes and forms with digital workflows. These workflows fit into six core categories. Discover how to stop wasting resources on operational inefficiencies and, instead, focus every minute and every pound possible on student education.  

Parent Workflows:

Automating parent-facing forms,
processes and communications

Date recorded: uesday 28th September, 12pm BST

As UK educators, you spend enormous amounts of time and effort manually managing the flow of information to and from your parent community. Discover how schools like yours are already digitising and automating resource-intensive recurring processes and operational tasks: From distributing and collecting student health information or student pre-admissions and induction documents, to consent forms for activities such as school trips, and even multi-language News-feeds — available on any device. And, see how forward-thinking schools are also consolidating payment and form-based processes in the same seamless digital workflows: From school fees, uniform ordering, or extracurricular activity payments, to purchasing books and supplies, athletic fees and more.

Staff Workflows:

Automating staff forms, processes,
approvals and policy management

Date recorded: Wednesday 29th September, 12pm BST

As UK schools and MATs, you know the day-to-day reality: Manual, paper-based and inefficient staff processes have drained resources and created administrative bottlenecks for years. This session discusses and demonstrates how to streamline and automate the management of staff-facing forms, communications, requests, approval workflows and consents. Transform the speed and completion rate for all staff processes — from staff appraisals, event management, risk assessments, bookings, CPD management, onboarding new personnel, signing-off on policies and procedures, staff requests and surveys, lateral flow testing and more. And, safeguard sensitive information with role-based permissions that delegate administrative control over data related to particular functional areas (such as HR or finance).

eForms Masterclass:

Capturing digital consents,
signatures and acknowledgements

Date recorded: Thursday 30th September, 12pm BST

Are you sick of students leaving permission slips crumpled at the bottom of school bags? Then cut out the middle man. Discover how your fellow schools are embracing online forms to digitally distribute, collect and automate the transfer of information throughout their community. Drive higher and faster response rates for all permission requests by digitally delivering signable eForms straight to your parents’ mobile phones in the recipients’ language of choice: From media and COVID testing consents, to school policy agreements, extracurricular activity permission slips and more. Watch this session for a quick-fire overview of eForm basics and best practices, including: eForm types, creating and distributing eForms, collecting digital consents and signatures, as well as analysing and acting on responses.
Never chase another paper form again.

Health Workflows:

Managing duty-of-care, COVID-safe processes,
incidents and injury reporting

Date recorded: Tuesday 5th October, 12pm BST

Fulfilling your duty-of-care obligations is paramount to ensure the safe day-to-day functioning of your school. Watch this session and see how schools are automating the collection and verification of student health and medical information — from medical conditions and dietary information, to emergency contacts and Healthcare Plans for identified illnesses (asthma, anaphylaxis, etc). We also demonstrate how schools across the UK are empowering authorised staff to digitally log incidents and injuries as soon as they happen, via any device, thereby minimising liability and providing better analysis of how and why incidents occurred. And, see how schools like yours are embracing process automation to manage daily COVID health checks in order to focus time, energy and resources on what matters most: Ensuring strong student learning outcomes.

Managing Paperless School Trips:

Automating the entire trip management lifecycle

Date recorded: Wednesday 6th October, 12pm BST

Organising and supervising safe and successful school trips is a lot of work at the best of times; let alone in COVID times. So forget repetitive, manual processes that take too much time and create barriers to safeguarding your students. Watch this session to learn the best practices for preparing, managing and supervising school trips and extracurricular activities — without the pain of paper forms. Discover how to take all your processes online and automate the entire trip management lifecycle: From internal sign-offs, distributing and collecting permission forms, as well as managing medical records and payments; to identifying and safeguarding vulnerable cohorts, responding to emergencies and recording incidents, communicating with parents, and securing confidential student data once an activity has finished.

Student and Public Workflows:

Engaging your whole school community
with digital forms & process automation

Date recorded: Thursday 7th October, 12pm BST

Most often, schools and MATs are disseminating, requesting, collecting and acting on information from parents and staff. However, increasingly digital and sophisticated methods of community engagement are driving demand to automate the transfer of information between students and third-parties (people who traditionally sit outside your management information system). View this session as we explore how to digitise and automate common student-facing workflows, such as subject selection; student contracts and agreements; club and activity registration; and more. We then demonstrate how to set-up and seamlessly manage digital forms and workflows for members of the public to utilise: From volunteer sign-ups; school open days; and contactless visitor check-ins; to event registration and ticketing; feedback surveys and more.

About The Webinars

What will you learn?

Watch as we:
      1. Reveal the top school processes and tasks that leading schools are already automating in 2021
      2. Demonstrate how to streamline the most impactful form types and workflows at your school
      3. Answer your most pressing questions in dedicated Q&A sessions at the end of each webinar

Who should watch these webinars?

This webinar series is designed for K – 12 education leaders who want to embrace operational efficiency as a way to utilise resources more effectively, while increasing staff productivity, parental engagement and student participation.

These include:

MAT leaders: Directors, CEOs, Business and Operations Managers

School leaders: Principals, Assistant Principals, Business Managers and Operations Managers

Technology leaders: Heads of ICT, Technology Directors and Digital Transformation Managers

Admin leaders: Office and Admin Managers

About Operoo (formerly CareMonkey)

Operoo is a School Operations Platform used to automate processes and digitally manage workflows.

Operoo is helping thousands of schools and other organisations around the world to eliminate slow, expensive and repetitive paper-based tasks. Operoo empowers schools to save time and resources by automating operational workflows, increasing staff productivity, parental engagement and student participation.

Streamline and digitise any school process, drastically reducing the associated costs: From permission forms, payments, and school trips; to medical information and emergency contacts, incident reporting, staff agreements, student onboarding and more. And, effectively communicate with staff, parents and your whole school community in over 100 languages with Operoo’s multi-language capability.

With Operoo, ensure every minute and every pound possible is focused on students, rather than wasting resources on operational inefficiencies.

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