Streamlining Digital Communications for NYC Schools

How Will You Keep Families Informed this September?

Automating best practice school communications to manage a tricky start to the 2021 – 2022 academic year

Your school’s ability to effectively communicate with families has never been more important. And, while we’re hoping for a return to normality when school resumes this September, we need to be prepared to pivot on a dime. So how will you keep your school community abreast of rapidly changing circumstances — without placing undue stress and strain on staff?
Watch this webinar series, crafted specifically for NYC schools, as we share top tips and solutions that will empower you to seamlessly streamline your digital communications approach.

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Be empowered to easily consolidate, execute and manage all your digital communications channels in a constantly evolving environment. Distribute, track and collect all your vital communications — delivered in any language, to any device — in one central place:
From one-off and scheduled SMS updates, mobile-ready push notifications, customizable emails, Daily Health Attestations, one-click backpack letters, digital forms and signatures, targeted news-feeds, integrated payments and more.

About The Webinar

What will you learn?

Watch this webinar and see how to coordinate centrally-controlled communications processes that drive results — without crushing your time or budget.

10 capabilities of successful digital school comms

Discover how to implement a low stress, high impact, communications program.
Be empowered to quickly, efficiently and confidently disseminate cohesive and well-targeted digital messaging throughout your school community:

1. Manage your emails:

Sending blanket emails to your school community and manually managing dozens of inboxes is a real hassle. Streamline the process with Operoo.

Automatically segment parents, staff and even students into any type of group required. Use placeholders and merge tags to customize messages.

Visually track engagement rates, bounce-backs and more in real-time with reports, filters and dashboards. And, let our centrally accessible email audit trail and automated reminders do the legwork for you.


2. Send SMS

Easily distribute text messages en masse to your entire school community or any specific group. Automatically send scheduled text messages based on time and action-based triggers. Or, distribute ad-hoc SMS’ with a few clicks to communicate time-sensitive and unexpected events.

And, be confident that messages are understood by empowering people to receive texts in their preferred language.

3. One-click backpack letters

Forget crumpled forms left at the bottom of school backpacks. Digitally distribute Chancellor or school announcements straight to your parents, where they can read and acknowledge updates from their cell phones. Each new Chancellor’s letter is built into the Operoo system within 24-hours of its release; so there’s no need to recreate or prepare these updates internally.

And, with out-of-the-box best practice templates and easy drag-and-drop functionality, it’s never been quicker or easier to customize your school’s memos and backpack letters.

School Backpack
Consent forms

4. Digital forms and signatures

In 2021, wrangling paper school forms doesn’t make sense. And in COVID times, physical interactions need to be avoided. Automate your forms and receive responses in minutes – not days or weeks.

Operoo’s eForms are the most efficient way to collect data from families, students, staff and the public: from digital signatures and payments, to submitting documents and verifying Blue Card information.

5. Digital, targeted news-feeds

You have a diverse school community made-up of many different cohorts – so sending one static newsletter to everyone doesn’t make sense. Operoo News delivers a digital news feed that distributes tailored updates to specific groups in real-time:

From event notifications, news items, reminders and announcements. It’s a rolling communications feed that’s ideal for complementing or replacing your existing school newsletter.

Operoo Newsfeed

6. Automate and track staff memos

Manual, paper-based and inefficient staff processes drain resources and create administrative bottlenecks. Digitally distribute, collect and track all staff requests, forms, approval workflows and data in one place.

Even set automated reminders to drive higher completion rates in less time: From acknowledging and complying with new school guidelines and Chancellor’s Regulations, to submitting Teacher Self Reflection Surveys, or managing leave requests.

7. Reach any device, in any language

Today, your school community is more multilingual and mobile than ever before. So, you need to be too. With Operoo, you can seamlessly deliver emails, forms, requests, SMS and push notifications to any mobile device.

Recipients also select their preferred language, enabling them to receive communications in their language of choice. Keep your community informed and engaged to ensure equity, access and participation.

Automated Translation

8. Integrated payments and ordering

Digitizing the collection of payments and consents is important to increase the efficiency and traceability of your school processes. But, ensuring they’re collected within the same communications processes is even more important to eliminate the need for manual reconciliation.

With Operoo, schools can integrate payments collection within forms and other digital communications. As a result, 98 percent of Operoo payment requests are returned without any confusion or manual follow-up whatsoever: From uniform ordering, field trips, extracurricular activity payments, senior dues, books and supplies, athletic fees and more.

9. Automate Actions

Easily define the actions that should be triggered when a form is submitted.

Based on the responses and the data received, you can automatically send emails, add tags to students and staff, add people to groups or send them other forms.

Automated Translation
COVID Form Acceptance

10. COVID-safe processes

Let Operoo’s Digital Flexi-Scheduling and Health Check Workflow do the work for you. Easily segment people into groups based on flexible COVID-ready schedules. Then, set-up automatic reminders to notify parents, staff and students about the days and times they’re required to report to school.

Log the intention of teachers and pupils to participate in on-campus learning each morning, verify the health of every recipient, and trigger follow-up communications if unexpected absenteeism occurs or illness is reported.

5 drivers of best practice digital school comms

Listen-in as we discuss and demonstrate how to deliver a best practice digital communications program to boost whole-school engagement.
Discussion areas include:

1. Two-way Communication

Facilitating the transfer of information between your school and its families.

Two-way Communication
Fit For Purpose

2. Are Your Communications Fit-for-Purpose?

Messaging, segmentation, devices, languages, frequency, channels and formats.

3. The Critical Role of Automation

Driving scalability, reliability, repeatability and consistency.

Data Analysis

4. Data Accuracy and Analysis

Consistent, complete, trustworthy and measurable data.

5. Security and Privacy

User permissions, needs-based access, audit trails, approval workflows.

Security and Privacy

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