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How the SAS charter school network in Florida’s Leon County automated its routine and recurring financial, request and permission-based workflows, reducing administrative demand on parents and staff, while enabling it to operate efficiently and remotely during the pandemic.

A Florida Charter Schools Case Study:

Automating recurring financial, request and permission-based workflows

The School of Arts and Sciences Charter Network

Based in Tallahassee, Florida, The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) Charter School was established in 1999. It was founded by educators and parents with a shared dream: The desire to create a school in Leon County that combined ‘industry best practices and learning-by-doing’.

Today, the SAS charter network offers two tuition-free schools that consistently rank among the highest achieving in Leon County, and in the top 10 percent of schools in the state, based on the Florida School Rankings. The SAS on Thomasville Road campus serves kindergarten through eighth grade. SAS at The Centre serves kindergarten through eighth grade.

When Finance Manager, Karen Burns, transitioned from teaching physical education and dance to an administrative role in 2015, SAS expanded operations by opening a second school — its SAS at The Centre campus. Burns realized the two-school charter network would soon outgrow many of its existing operational processes; especially its finance-related and permission-based workflows. Read on to discover Burns’ and the schools’ process automation journey.

SAS charter school network Results Summary

We didn’t need another Student Information System; we needed a digital operations platform. Operoo gave us a platform to communicate, manage and automate the digital flow of information between the school and its families remotely, safely and quickly.

Karen Burns
Finance Manager
SAS Charter School Network

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