Emerging from COVID-19: A School Leaders Panel Discussion

Emerging from COVID-19_ Combating disengagement, learning loss and mental health impacts (1)

Webinar recording: Emerging from COVID-19

An education leaders discussion panel

Combating disengagement, learning loss and mental health impacts.
 The last 18-months have forced the education sector to adapt rapidly.
Though undoubtedly stressful for educators, students and parents alike; we’ve risen to the challenge and seen the rapid acceleration of many digitally-led and technology-based trends.
Watch this peer-led education leaders discussion panel, as independent education experts dissect the burning post-COVID questions facing our industry: How has the future of schooling been reshaped by COVID-19? What new ways of working and mechanisms for delivering education will remain as a result? And, what do schools need to prioritise moving forward to address learning loss experienced during the pandemic?
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About The Webinar

What will you learn?

Is distributing and collecting school forms, permission slips or payments exhausting for teachers and parents? Maybe submitting or approving staff requests gives you slow-motion nightmares?

Do you break-out in a cold sweat when planning, managing and running school trips or events? Or, is validating, updating and accessing accurate student medical information simply chaos?

If so, it’s time to stop. Leave the dysfunction behind, and discover the top tips, best practices and benefits of automating your school processes.

Why watch?

Listen-in as our panel of educators navigate five topics, including:

1. Addressing the ‘COVID Slide’:
What are the top strategies for addressing learning loss experienced during COVID-19?

2. A Widening Equity Gap:
Disadvantaged students fell further behind during COVID-19. How can they catch up?

3. Re-engaging Parents
How are you combating COVID-induced parental disengagement in 2021?

4. Student and Staff Wellbeing:
COVID has been tough. How can you support student and staff mental health?

5. School Operations:
COVID changed the way schools function. What new ways of working will remain long term?

Who should watch this webinar?

These webinars are designed for K – 12 education leaders who want to embrace operational efficiency as a way to utilize resources more effectively, while increasing staff productivity, parental engagement and student participation.

These include:

Regional leaders: Directors, CEOs and Principals of Multi-Campus Colleges

School leaders: Principals, Assistant Principals, Business Managers & Operations Managers

Technology leaders: Heads of ICT and Digital Transformation

Admin leaders: Office Managers and Parent Coordinators

All registrants will receive a copy of the webinar recording for on-demand viewing.

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