Approvals and User Permissions in Operoo

Recording: Operoo ‘How To’ Webinar

Using Approval Workflows and User Permissions

Designed for Operoo Administrators and users, watch this Operoo ‘How To’ user group session to learn about Staff Approval Workflows as well as new User Permissions and Delegated eForms in Operoo.
Discover how to set-up an automated process to ensure any form, request or piece of communication is approved by appropriate stakeholders before publication or distribution. And, see how the Operoo team has been hard at work to deliver additional levels of administrative control. It’s now easy to manage which Operoo users can create, share and view particular data and documents within the platform.

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Recorded: 17th June 2021, 2pm AEST

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About The Webinar

What will you learn?

Watch as we explore how to:
    1. Design custom approval workflows to suit your internal request and approval processes
    2. Set-up new role-based User Permissions to give individuals administrative control over eForms and data that relate to particular functional areas — such as HR or Finance.
    3. Utilise Operoo’s new Delegated Forms function, enabling you to give specific users administrative control over individual eForms as required

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Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is designed for:

1. Existing Operoo administrators and users

2. New Operoo administrators and users

3. People assessing Operoo’s suitability for their school or organisation

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We’ll be running regular topic-based ‘How To’ webinars throughout 2021 to help improve your Operoo know-how.

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