School Trip Best Practices Webinar

Recording: Digitising School Trip Management
— from start to finish

Embracing process automation to enhance efficiency and safety

Are you ready for your next school trip? As vaccine rollouts continue across the UK, many schools are wondering how to realistically recommence excursions without exposing participants to undue risk and stress. After all, organising and supervising safe and successful school trips is a lot of work at the best of times; let alone in COVID times.
Watch this on-demand webinar to learn the best practices for preparing, managing and running school trips digitally – without the complications of paper forms and unnecessary face-to-face interactions. Forget repetitive, manual processes that take too much time and create barriers to safeguarding your students.
Discover how schools across the UK, just like yours, have found a better way forward.
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End-to-end Digital Trip Management

Take all your processes online. Automate the entire trip management lifecycle:

From internal sign-offs, distributing and collecting permission forms, and managing medical records and payments; to identifying and safeguarding vulnerable cohorts, responding to emergencies and recording incidents, communicating with parents, and securing confidential student data once an activity has finished.
End-To-End Digital School Trip Management

About The Webinar

10 reasons to watch

Organising school trips can be complex, time-consuming and leave a tornado-like trail of paperwork. Watch our webinar to learn the top 10 best practices for delivering paperless (and seamless) extracurricular activities, excursions and trips.
Listen-in to this education technology webinar and discover the best practices for:

1. Streamlining trip planning and approvals

Complete event planning (including implementing COVID-safe protocols and undertaking risk assessments), assign teachers in charge, and obtain internal approvals with automated digital workflows.

Digital Form Distribution

2. Collecting medical data and consents faster

Digitally distribute permission forms to defined student groups and allow parents to view them in their preferred language, verify student medical information, send automated reminders, and track responses from parents.

3. Collecting integrated payments

Embed payment requests within permission forms, to ensure consent and monies are received alongside each other, eliminating the need for manual data matching and reconciliation.

Fundraising and Donation
Emergency Contacts

4. Pinpointing and managing
high-risk individuals

Identify, group and trigger follow-up guidance to protect vulnerable cohorts of students and staff (eg: those with existing medical conditions that might be complicated by COVID-19, such as diabetes or asthma, or severe medical conditions that need careful management irrespective of COVID).

5. Performing pre-activity
health checks

Automatically distribute customizable Health Check Forms and associated attendance reminders at a time and frequency of your choosing. Log the intention of teachers and pupils to participate and verify the health of every recipient. Automatically send confirmation notifications to non-symptomatic respondents’ mobile devices, which they present upon arrival.


6. Helping staff respond to
in-activity emergencies

Enable authorized staff to quickly and effectively manage emergency situations with 24/7 access to student records and medical profiles via any device (even when offline).

7. Logging incidents

Manage incidents on-the-go during an excursion or activity; from logging student behavior to reporting injuries or simply registering attendance. And, support contact tracing efforts by logging COVID-19 symptoms as they arise with digital Sick Bay Reports.

Action Plans
Group Messaging

8. Communicating with parents

Empower staff to communicate with the parents of participating students in real-time — and in their preferred language — via email, SMS and push notifications.

9. Keeping forms and confidential data private and secure

How do you guarantee the security and safety of hundreds of photocopied consent or medical forms? Utilise digital alternatives that offer user authentication and tracking, and securely archive submitted information, to keep sensitive data private and to comply with GDPR regulations.

Set Access and Permissions
Policy Management

10. Future excursion planning

Request and capture feedback from activity participants to improve future events, update risk management practices, and reduce workload by archiving or cloning forms and workflows for future use.

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Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is designed for primary and secondary school leaders.

These include:

  • Regional leaders: CEOs and Directors of Multi Academy Trusts and Multi-Campus Colleges
  • School leaders: Heads, Deputy Heads, Business and Operations Managers
  • Extracurricular activities leaders: Heads of Outdoor Education, Educational Visits Coordinators, etc
  • Admin leaders: Office and Administration Managers

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