Group Case Study:

Digitizing Registration & Onboarding in NYC

6 Digital Registration Success Stories from 5 Boroughs


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Hear how six NYCDOE schools, from across all five boroughs, have digitized registration and onboarding processes for incoming students. Automatically distribute, track, chase and receive all required forms and consents via one secure online platform — no matter where you and your families are located.

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NYCDOE registration and onboarding case study

Summary of Case Study Results

NYCDOE Registration and Onboarding Case Study Results

Webinar Recording: Making Registration & Onboarding Easy

Remove the stress and manual slog from your start-of-year processes

For most schools, new year registration and onboarding remains one of its most resource-intensive and time-consuming processes. In fact, the average NYCDOE school spends $45,017 per year on the administrative costs associated with processing just the paper-based elements of student registration alone.

But, it doesn’t have to be like that. Watch Operoo’s free EdTech webinar series to find a better way forward. Discover how to digitize and automate your school’s most important registration and onboarding processes.

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For Elementary and K-12 Schools

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For Middle and High Schools

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About The Webinar

Why watch?

See how NYCDOE schools, from across all five boroughs, are embracing digital operations software to streamline the core elements of their registration and onboarding:

From the distribution and collection of forms and Blue Cards, data wrangling and communicating with prospective families, to on-boarding new and returning students. Discover how to eliminate data double-handling by instantly mapping Operoo eForms to official DOE PDF templates. And, trigger student onboarding requests upon enrolment in order to remove registration bottlenecks.
Reduce the administrative burden for staff and families alike. Watch as we:
1. Explore real-world case studies:
Discussing the outstanding results achieved, as well as tips for success, with school leaders
2. Deliver a live demonstration:
Showing the top best practices for automating the most important and resource-heavy aspects of registration and onboarding  
3. Host a dedicated Q&A session:
Answering common questions to ensure your next registration / onboarding period is your smoothest ever

6 Ways to Transform Your Student Registration and Onboarding Processes with Operoo

1. All your registration and school forms ready-to-go

Digitally distribute and collect all required forms, with Operoo’s ready-to-send pre-built forms.

2. Automated tracking and reminders

Don’t waste effort calling and emailing parents over unreturned forms. Track response rates and let Operoo do the chasing for you.

3. Get more responses in less time with multilingual & mobile access

Empower parents to complete forms using their language and device of choice.

4. Seamlessly communicate with pre-admitted and existing families

Send automated, group and personalized digital communications to parents of pre-admitted students with zero manual effort.

5. Eliminate data double-handling with PDF mapping

Automatically map Operoo forms to official DOE PDF form templates. Stop asking parents to fill out the same forms come September.

6. Trigger all new student on-boarding requests upon enrolment

Operoo will programmatically trigger all new student onboarding requests upon enrollment, removing student registration bottlenecks.

Automate All Your NYCDOE Registration and Onboarding Forms

Make student registration & onboarding for the next school year easier than ever before

Operoo delivers all forms to your parents’ mobile devices, converting them to the recipients home language. When completed, the forms are automatically converted to the official NYCDOE PDF version; giving you copies of all the official forms on file.

Proof of Residence

Third Party Statement of Residency

Proof of Immunization

Home Language Identification Survey

Multilingual Learners Parent Survey and Program Agreement Form

MLL ELL Entitlement / Parent Notification Letters

Housing Questionnaire

Health Examination Form

ATS Admissions / Discharge Form

NYC New Kindergarten Admit Questionnaire

Emergency Contact Blue Card

Proof of Age

Proof of Residency

Non-Parent Affidavit

Parent Affidavit

Transportation Request Form

Student Handbook

Media Consent Form 

Opt-Out Forms

Ethnic Identification Survey

Preferred Language Form

NYCDOE Policy Updates

Activity Fees – Senior Dues

Uniform Purchasing

After School Program Registration

Discipline Contract

Cell Phone Contract

Class Contracts

School Calendar

Supply Checklist

The Wasted Millions on NYCDOE
Student Registration

It’s time to digitize, streamline and automate

The tip of a very expensive iceberg

Traditional student registration takes hours to complete, sheet after sheet of paper, and a huge team of teachers and administrators, which all costs money. Estimates indicate that NYCDOE schools spend a staggering $84 million on the administrative costs associated with processing just the paper-based elements of student registration applications each year.

But, this is just the tip of a very expensive iceberg. We have not included costs that derive from chasing down child information from parents, communicating with pre-registered families, manual data entry and management, student onboarding, or the many other activities associated with this often grueling process.
Then, there’s the year-round costs of inefficient paper-based student, staff and parent processes. Digitizing and automating school forms and workflows ensures you’re not wasting limited budgets on repetitive, manual tasks.


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