Making Registration & Onboarding
Easy As 1, 2, 3

Remove the stress and manual repetition from your start-of-year processes

For most schools and districts, student registration and onboarding remains one of the most resource-intensive and time-consuming operational processes. It demands a herculean, recurring, effort: From distributing, collecting and tracking forms and consent; to manual data entry and analysis across multiple systems; communicating with prospective families; and on-boarding new and returning students. On top of the standard struggles, the contactless demands of COVID-19 have only complicated matters.
But, there is a better way forward. Illuminate Education’s powerful Student Information System, eSchoolData (eSD), has joined forces with School Operations Platform, Operoo, to make student registration and onboarding easy — finally.

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Together, eSD and Operoo seamlessly automate the entire process in a single integrated digital workflow. Districts and schools are empowered to work hand-in-glove, while easing the burden on administrators, educators, parents and operating budgets alike.
Watch this joint Illuminate – Operoo webinar and discover how to digitize and automate your most important registration and onboarding tasks in one place. eSD provides the robust platform districts need to manage student data throughout the pre-registration to enrolment life-cycle, while Operoo enables you to automatically distribute, track, chase and receive all required forms and consents digitally — no matter where you and your families are located.


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Why Watch The Webinar?

3 Steps to Digitally Transforming Registration and Onboarding

Go from pre-registration, submission, then acceptance and onboarding in one integrated solution
Make student registration & onboarding easier than ever before with Operoo and eSD.
Watch this education technology webinar and discover how:
Operoo - eSD Digital Registration Workflow for School Districts

The Wasted Millions on Student Registration

It’s time to digitize, streamline and automate

The tip of a very expensive iceberg

eSD - Operoo Digital Registration Workflow
Traditional student registration takes hours to complete, sheet after sheet of paper, and a huge team of teachers and administrators, which all costs money. Estimates indicate that the average US school spends a staggering $45,017 on the administrative costs associated with processing just the paper-based elements of student registration applications each year.
But, this is just the tip of a very expensive iceberg. We have not included costs that derive from chasing down child information from parents, communicating with pre-registered families, manual data entry and management, student on-boarding, or the many other activities associated with the registration process.
Then, there’s the year-round costs of inefficient paper-based student, staff and parent processes.

Beyond Registration & Onboarding

Eliminate paper and manage your school digitally

Operoo can be used to streamline all your routine operational tasks, with automated workflows for parents, staff, students and payments.
Bring your student registration process, and all your day-to-day school tasks and workflows, into the digital age.
Did you know that the average US school spends over $70,000
on processing paper forms throughout the school year?
Digitizing and automating school forms and workflows ensures you’re
not wasting limited budgets on repetitive, manual tasks.

Daily COVID-19 Health Check-Ins

A case study interview with eSD – Operoo client, Suffern Central school district

Hear Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Lawrence Mautone, explain how we’re helping Suffern Central automate daily health screenings to keep its school communities safe.

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About Operoo (formerly CareMonkey)

Operoo is a School Operations and Productivity Platform.

Operoo is helping thousands of schools and other organisations around the world to eliminate slow, expensive and repetitive paper-based tasks. Operoo empowers schools to save time and resources by automating operational workflows, increasing staff productivity, parental engagement and student participation.

Streamline and digitise any school process, drastically reducing the associated costs: From permission forms, payments, and school trips; to medical information and emergency contacts, incident reporting, staff agreements, student onboarding and more. And, effectively communicate with staff, parents and your whole school community in over 100 languages with Operoo’s multi-language capability.

With Operoo, ensure every dollar and every minute possible is focused on students, rather than wasting resources on operational inefficiencies.

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About eSD and Illuminate Education

eSchoolData (eSD) is a powerful student information system that is used by over 400 schools and districts in NY and PA. The ease-of-use and robust design of the system enables your team to complete daily tasks with confidence, while providing insights from your data to tackle tough problems. Our decades of partnerships with NY and PA allow us to be one of the first responders to meeting district needs.