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Driving Efficiency Through Technology

A Virtual Conference for Education Leaders

Digital School Operations Summit 2020, Operoo’s annual EdTech conference, went virtual in November – with great success. Comprising over 1,900 sign-ups across eight sessions, the summit showcased real-world examples of how schools and districts are embracing digital solutions to automate day-to-day operational tasks. We’d like to thank all of you who made the event possible by contributing your time and expertise.
Keen to revisit any moments from this year’s summit? All session recordings, and associated presentation slides, can be accessed in their entirety below:

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Conference Recordings

Reclaim your day with Operoo

Watch these on-demand sessions and discover how to stop wasting resources on operational inefficiencies. Focus every dollar and every minute possible on what matters most — student learning.

Digital School Operations 2020

Recording date: Monday 16th November, 12:00 – 12:55 ET

Download presentation slides: HERE >

Join Operoo President, Peter Bencivenga, as he sets the scene for Digital School Operations 2020. This calendar year has seen unparalleled upheaval within America’s education system. But, despite the complications thrust upon us by COVID-19, educators have risen to the challenge. Hear how both schools and districts have responded, transitioned and transformed operating processes in order to keep supporting their communities and delivering educational outcomes for students.

eForms Masterclass:
Never Chase Another Paper Form

Recording date: Monday 16th November, 15:00 – 15:55 ET

Download presentation slides: HERE >

Discover how your fellow schools are embracing eForms to digitally distribute, collect and automate the transfer of information throughout their community — from ASQ surveys to Cell Phone Contracts, After School Program Registration, Media Consent Forms and more. Join this session for a quick-fire overview of eForm basics and best practices, including: eForm types (including Public eForms), creating eForms, distributing eForms and reviewing eForm responses. Never chase another paper form again with Operoo.

Digitizing Registration, Onboarding and Blue Cards

Recording date: Tuesday 17th November, 12:00 – 12:55 ET

Download presentation slides: HERE >

Digitize and automate your school’s most important registration and onboarding processes: From the distribution and collection of forms and Blue Cards, manual data wrangling and communicating with prospective families, to on-boarding new and returning students. Discover how to eliminate data double-handling by instantly mapping Operoo eForms to official DOE PDF templates. And, trigger student on-boarding requests upon enrolment in order to remove registration bottlenecks. Reduce the administrative burden for staff and families alike.

Keeping Your Community Safe, Healthy and Focused

Recording date: Tuesday 17th November, 15:00 – 15:55 ET

Download presentation slides: HERE >

2020 was a school year full of disruptions. See how schools and districts are using Operoo’s Health Checks and Recurring eForms to keep the 20/21 school year on track. Automate daily health screenings, COVID-safe protocols and Blended Learning arrangements in one digital, mobile-ready, workflow. Then, discover how to set-up Trigger Actions to instantly distribute follow-up communications. Embrace automation to help focus your time, energy and resources on what matters most: Ensuring strong student learning outcomes.

Going Cashless,
as well as Paperless

Recording date: Wednesday 18th November, 12:00 – 12:55 ET

Download presentation slides: HERE >

Discover how to consolidate your payment and form-based processes in the same seamless digital workflow: From AP Exam Payments, Uniform Purchasing, collecting Senior Dues, submitting Staff Reimbursement Requests, or integrating payment requests within Field Trip Consent Forms. And, be among the first to see how to facilitate multi-item purchases in a single transaction with Simple Cart (Operoo’s new online shopping cart experience). Streamline the way you request and collect payments from families, staff and the public.

Staff Processes
and Approval Workflows

Recording date: Wednesday 18th November, 15:00 – 15:55 ET

Download presentation slides: HERE >

Explore automating staff processes to reduce the manpower required to perform them. This session discusses and demonstrates how to digitally deliver any type of staff form — from 408 Verification Forms and Reimbursement Requests, Policy Sign-Off and Teacher Preference Sheets, to Personal Emergency Contact Cards and Trip Plan Approvals. Then, set-up custom approval workflows that suit your school or department’s structure, distribute to selected groups of people, and let automated reminders to the chasing for you.

Operoo 2021
and Wisdom of the Crowd

Recording date: Thursday 19th November, 12:00 – 12:55 ET

Download presentation slides: HERE >

Watch this two-part session to get an insight into Operoo’s Product Roadmap. The first half delivers a sneak peek of the new features and functions our product team is currently planning and developing. And, because many of our best product features have come from customer ideas, we’re turning the second half of the session over to you. See your product ideas presented live as we use interactive voting to select which product suggestions from you and your fellow Operoo users make it onto the official Operoo Product Roadmap.

Operoo Tips, Tricks
and Awards

Recording date: Thursday 19th November, 15:00 – 15:55 ET

Download presentation slides: HERE >

Join President, Peter Bencivenga, for the final session of the virtual conference. Sit back as Peter pinpoints the key user-driven learnings, wins and outcomes achieved by streamlining day-to-day tasks and operational processes with Operoo: From enhanced staff and school-wide productivity, to increased parent engagement and enhanced student participation. We also announce the winners of the inaugural Operoo School Workflow Awards for the best real-world Operoo use case examples. Head of US Customer Success, Sam Banks, then walks through some tips for using some of Operoo’s latest features.

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Digital School Operations Summit 2020

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