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Managing Excursion Risk in 2021

From school camps and extracurricular activities, to COVID-safe protocols, accuracy of all students’ medical data and more

With a turbulent school year almost behind us, how are you preparing for the ‘new normal’ of 2021? Watch this on-demand webinar as we explore new considerations, challenges and solutions when running internal school activities, excursions and camps in a hyper-risk-aware operating environment.

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Tune-in for a two-part virtual ‘hour of power’, brought to you by Operoo and CompliSpace. Listen as our panel of education leaders dissect some of the key operational processes and activities that need to be managed differently in a pre-coronavirus-vaccine world — from conducting school trips, to collecting and verifying student health and medical information. Then, discover how schools are addressing these new operating risks by embracing technology-led solutions.

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About The Webinar

Why watch?

With Victoria back “on the beers” and back in the classroom, restrictions easing and borders reopening throughout Australia, schools around the country are now turning their collective mind to what lies beyond the blackboard in 2021. But, what will excursions, incursions and extracurricular activities look like in 2021?

Part 1: Panel discussion

Hear from our panel of school leaders as they discuss:

1. Operational Changes:
Preparation and Management

What operational changes is your school making to prepare for and manage COVID-safe activities outside the classroom in 2021? What further protections are you putting in place in these pre-vaccine times? And, if you’ve already dipped your toe in the water, what lessons have you learnt in Term 4 2020?

Action Plans

2. Collecting, Verifying, Accessing and Acting on Medical Data

How has COVID-19 impacted the way you collect, verify and ensure anytime access to up-to-date medical information for students and staff? And, how do you identify and manage vulnerable cohorts within your school community (eg: students, staff or family members with high-risk medical conditions, such as asthma or diabetes)?

3. Risk Appetite:
Now and in the Future

What changes have you made to your plans regarding school incursions, excursions and camps? Has the amount and type of risk that your school is prepared to take-on changed? And, if so, do you envisage this having lasting impacts beyond COVID-19?

Action Plans

Part 2: Demonstration

Watch as we demonstrate how you can combine Operoo and CompliSpace’s PlanCheckGo solution to help deliver COVID-safe extracurricular activities, incursions, excursions and camps:

1. Streamlined planning and approval:

Complete event planning, assign teachers in charge and obtain internal approvals with automated digital workflows.

2. Best-in-class risk preparedness (including COVID-safe protocols):

Responsible staff generate complete and correct pre-excursion risk assessments, including risk identification and mitigation, checklists, policies and provider due diligence.

3. Fast medical and consent form collection — in any language:

Digitally distribute permission forms to defined student groups, collect payments, verify student medical information, send automated reminders, and track responses from parents.

4. Pinpoint and manage high-risk individuals

Identify, group and trigger follow-up guidance to protect protect vulnerable cohorts of students and staff (eg: those with existing medical conditions that might be complicated by COVID-19, such as diabetes or asthma).

5. Automated Pre-Activity Health Checks

Automatically distribute customizable Health Check Forms and associated attendance reminders at a time and frequency of your choosing. Log the intention of teachers and pupils to participate and verify the health of every recipient. Automatically send confirmation notifications to non-symptomatic respondents’ mobile devices, which they present upon arrival.

6. In-activity control: Real-time comms, emergency management, contact tracing

Enable authorized teachers to access student records and medical profiles in case of emergency (even when offline); take the roll, log injuries and communicate with parents (email, SMS and push notifications) via any device. And, support contact tracing efforts by log COVID-19 symptoms as they arise with digital Sickbay Reports.

7. Capture feedback for future planning & keep confidential student data secure:

Update risk management practices and archive student groups upon event completion.

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