Webinar Recording: What It Takes to Run Schools & Districts in 2020

Education Leaders Discuss Pandemic-Era Budgets and Operations

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As students across the United States head back to the classroom, our teachers, education leaders and families are under duress the likes of which we’ve never seen. The pressure to keep school communities safe, day-to-day operations running smoothly, parents informed and to re-engage students is immense.
But, despite the persistent health threat, concerns for student learning, staff wellbeing and the barrage of depressing headlines, the nation’s educators are rising to the challenge.
Watch this virtual discussion panel brought to you by Operoo and Allovue, featuring school and district leaders from across the US — as we share early success stories, explore emerging COVID-19 education best practices, and discuss opportunities uncovered by the sector’s pandemic response.

COVID-Safe Schools and Distircts
with Operoo

Digital Health Check and Flexi-Scheduling Workflow Solution

Operoo is helping thousands of schools and districts to streamline and digitize operational tasks and processes — from permission forms, payments, and school trips; to medical information and emergency contacts, incident reporting, staff agreements, student onboarding and more.
In 2020, Operoo’s Digital Health Check and Flexi-Scheduling Workflow Solution has been enabling education leaders across the globe to operate COVID-safe schools.
Watch this rapid-fire 30-minute webinar as we demonstrate a robust, purpose-built solution that you, your families and your staff can trust.
Automate your daily health screening and COVID-safe protocols in one digital, mobile-ready, workflow. Then, focus your time, energy and resources on what matters most: Ensuring strong student learning outcomes.
Discover how to deploy a Digital Health Check and Flexi-Scheduling Workflow Solution within days, enabling you to acheive the following:

1. Dynamic Groups to support Flexi-Scheduling

Separate students and staff into dynamic groups based on attributes like year level or flexible scheduling requirements. Digitally distribute targeted communications and forms — from attendance expectations, updated absenteeism policies, COVID-safe operating procedures and flexible learning schedules. Engage your school community, ensure learning is front-and-centre, and be confident that the right people are in the right buildings on the right days.

Dynamic Group Management

2. Recurring Health Checks and Trigger Actions

Automatically distribute customizable Daily Health Check Forms — and associated attendance reminders — at any time and in any language. Log the intention of teachers and pupils to participate in on-campus learning each morning, verify the health of every recipient, and trigger follow-up communications if unexpected absenteeism occurs or illness is reported.

3. Building Entry Permissions and Tracking

Send automated confirmation notifications to non-symptomatic respondents’ mobile devices, which students and staff present upon arrival to gain entry to school buildings. Log any COVID-19 symptoms identified on-campus using Sickbay Reports, and manage contact-free Visitor Approvals with QR-code-enabled forms. With Operoo, you can securely collect and track attendance and health data to support contact tracing.

COVID Form Acceptance
Your Digital Health Check and Flexi-Scheduling Workflow (1)

Let Operoo’s Digital Health Check Workflow do the work for you. Ensure only symptom-free individuals gain access to your school buildings every day; pinpoint symptomatic students or staff and immediately trigger follow-up protocols; and digitally capture all health check responses to support effortless data analysis and contact tracing.

About Operoo – Allovue Panel Discussion

Why watch?

Listen-in as fellow education leaders pinpoint the strategies, tactics, approaches and processes yielding educational results in a COVID-19 world.

Areas covered include:

1. Mitigating health risks

What processes and practices are being used to monitor, mitigate and report COVID-19 transmission throughout school communities; particularly among staff and students as part of face-to-face learning? How are you systemizing your approach to health management to simultaneously ensure reliability and that resources remain focused on learning outcomes?

COVID-Safe Schools
Access and equity for all learners

2. Managing flexi-scheduling and blended learning

How are you managing the ongoing availability of flexible learning arrangements? How can you ensure equity and access for different cohorts of students, while effectively delivering instruction in a way that maintains learning outcomes for all? And, how do you manage these different streams of learning without putting undue stress on your people or bottom line?

3. Virtual school operations: Opportunities and hidden costs

Operating schools during COVID-19 has forced the education sector to adapt fast. What are some of the positive changes that will be embraced long-term? And, what are some of the pitfalls of virtual schooling, which have disrupted the education system’s current funding models? From childcare considerations, to digital technology, utilities & staffing implications.

Learning Outcomes

4. Family engagement and responding to public scrutiny

Strong parent participation and community engagement are key drivers of student success. What communication methods and channels have proven effective for keeping school communities abreast of changing circumstances, engaged in the learning process, and feeling heard? And, how do you integrate (sometimes difficult) feedback into your decision-making process?

Meet our panel

Get to know our guest speakers

Jess Gartner

Session Moderator,
Allovue CEO & Founder

Jess Gartner is the CEO & Founder of Allovue, an EdFinTech company that empowers K-12 educators to strategically and equitably allocate financial resources. She has been featured as one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 in Education (2015, 2016 All-Star), Baltimore Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 (2015), and won the Maryland TEDCO Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2016). Jess earned her M.A. in Teaching from Johns Hopkins, winning the university’s 2016 Outstanding Alumni Award. She has taught in classrooms around the world, including the US, Thailand and South Africa.

Richard Martinez

Superintendent at Pomona Unified School District Into his 20th year serving the Pomona Unified School District (USD), Richard was appointed Diretor of Pupil Resources in 2001. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (California State University 1979 – 1984), Richard rose to Assistant Superintendent (Pupil & Community Services) in 2006. With a strong passion for student wellbeing, Richard has worked as Pomona USD Superintendent since 2009.

Moses Ojeda

Principal at Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School Moses started his education career as an IT Instructor for NYC DOE (1998 – 2008). During that time, he completed his Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education from CUNY New York City College of Technology (1997 – 2005). In 2008, Moses was appointed Assistant Principal at Thomas Edison CTE, becoming Principal in 2012. Moses also holds a degree in Educational Technology Leadership from Adelphi University (2006 – 2009).

Jimmy Shaw

Superintendent at Florence City Schools

Beginning his education journey as a Social Sciences teacher at Florence City Schools (2001), Jimmy was appointed Assistant Principal of Florence High School in 2007. Earning his Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership from Samford University (2013), Dr Shaw was appointed Assistant Superintendent of Instruction for Florence City Schools in 2015, becoming Superintendent in mid 2017.

Deirdre DeAngels

Principal at New Dorp High School

Deirdre is a proud New York City educator with enormous leadership experience. Wokring as Assistant Princpal for Special Education throughout the 90s at the High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology (1991 – 1999), Deirdre is the current Principal of New Dorp High School – a position she has held for almost 22 years (1999 – present). In 2017, Deirdre received the Sloane Award for Public Service.

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