UK webinar: Managing a COVID-Safe Return to the Classroom


Keeping Your School Community Safe and Engaged

Managing a successful resumption of face-to-face learning

In preparation for the return to face-to-face learning this September and beyond, schools must be equipped for the challenges of operating amidst the ‘new normal’ of COVID-19. But, balancing these needs should not detract from the core mission: Educating young people.
Join Operoo (formerly CareMonkey) as we discuss how to effectively address official reopening guidelines, incorporate NHS recommendations and prepare for Ofsted visits. Implement the strategies, safeguards and systemised processes needed to manage a safe and productive return to the classroom. We’ll then demonstrate some real-world digital solutions that schools can use to efficiently meet these demands.

Thursday 27th August 2020
1pm – 2pm, London BST

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Considerations include verifying the health of all school arrivals, driving strong and accurate participation (particularly during staggered returns and segmented ‘bubble’ groups), communicating new procedures with your school community (such as social distancing and hygiene practices), collecting and acting on feedback, as well as monitoring and reporting illness.
New to Operoo? See how we’ve helped schools throughout the UK implement 100+ automated workflows — from digital medical & emergency contact information, to paperless student enrolment, attendance tracking, and staff reimbursement or leave requests — streamlining day-to-day operations and managing a COVID-safe return to the classroom.

About The Webinar

Why attend?

This webinar will outline, discuss and demonstrate COVID-safe digital workflows, including:

1. Daily Student and Staff Health Check-Ins:
Automatically distribute digital Health Check-In Forms to all parents and staff at recurring intervals. Log the intention of teachers and pupils to participate in in-school learning each morning and verify the health of every recipient.

2. Communicating Positive Test Cases:
Set-up automated communications to quickly notify affected stakeholders — including staff, students, parents and your local health protection team — if unexpected absenteeism occurs or illness is reported.

3. Managing Positive Test Cases and Symptomatic Individuals:
Use digital Medical Incident Forms to log all Sick Bay visits, symptoms and treatment provided. Distribute Illness Reports and further instructions (such as self-isolation requirements) to parents, staff and students. Automatically send a digital Test Result Form, requesting the outcome of COVID testing, to determine necessary next steps or suitability for reintegration into face-to-face learning.

4. Third-party Contact Tracing Forms:
Track and control on-site traffic with Visitor Approval Requests or Early Sign-Out Forms, and know how all on-site learners arrived at school via a Transportation Form, in order to support contact tracing efforts.

5. Contact-free Building Entry Permission and Form Submission:
With QR-code-enabled forms, create a QR Wall outside your School Office to ensure contact-free submission of all school forms and that unexpected drop-ins are tracked and comply with Health Check-Ins.

6. Reopening Protocols and Surveys:
Easily communicate — and seek acceptance of — school coronavirus protocols before you reopen. This may include new social distancing and sanitising practices, PPE requirements, school drop-off / pick-up procedures, as well as staggered start and finish times. Then, request and analyse feedback from your parents, students and staff to assess and modify your COVID-safe timetabling and operating practices.

7. ‘Bubble’ Scheduling and Attendance Request Notifications:
Easily segment students into groups based on COVID-ready ‘bubble’ schedules. Then, set-up automatic reminders to notify parents and students about the days and times they’re required to report to school. Be confident that the right people are in the right buildings on the right days, while ensuring pupils remain engaged with modified learning programs.

8. Reporting Absenteeism and Clinically Vulnerable Leave Requests:
Provide a contact-free, self-service, mechanism for staff, students and vulnerable parties to justify absence and attach supporting evidence. This is particularly critical with the reintroduction of mandatory attendance.

9. COVID-19 Risk Assessments and Ofsted Readiness Reports:
Digitally record identified risks in order to manage them and demonstrate control measures deployed — from education visits and lunchroom protocols, to hygiene and social distancing practices.

10. Extra-curricular Re-engagement Forms:
Digitally survey parents to gauge demand and prepare for school breakfast and after-school programs ahead of resumption in the Autumn term.

UK School Workflows

But, it’s not just COVID-specific processes and day-to-day operational tasks that schools need to manage in a contact-free, COVID-safe manner. Below is a list of workflows built by UK schools, in collaboration with Operoo, as they prepare to return for September 2020.

Student Policies / Documentation

ICT Acceptable Use Agreement

Media Consent Form

Photographic Consents

Home School Agreement

Inappropriate Mobile Phone Usage

Passport Details

Student Trip / Club

Permission Form for Event – Day

Permission Form for Event – Residential

Permission Form for Event – Overseas

After School Club Permissions

After School Club Proforma / Option

Sports / Team Permissions

Sports / Team Fixture Update

After School Club Proforma / Option

Staff Trip / Club

Field Trip Approval Form – Day

Field Trip Approval Form – Residential

Field Trip Approval Form – Overseas

Risk Assessment – Day

Risk Assessment – Overseas

Risk Assessment – Residential

Staff policies / Documentation

Media Consent Form

Inappropriate Mobile Phone Usage

Staff Policy Signing

Staff Onboarding

Staff Onboarding Information Request

Staff Onboarding Document Upload – drivers licence, dbs etc

Staff Leave Request Form

Staff Training Modules

Staff HR

Staff Medical Form

CPD / Training Application Form

Staff Direct Credit of Salary Form

Equipment Purchase Request Form

Supplies Purchase Request Form

Software Purchase Request Form

Logging IT / Network Tickets

Reimbursement Request Form

Staff Travel Ticket Request Form

Staff Damage and Defect Report

Job Application

Job Applicant Document Upload

Student Onboarding

Application Form

Passport Details

Finance Form

Pupil Premium Form

Free School Meals Application Form

Transport Confirmation

Student Registration

Student Results Upload

Travel Permissions

Student Handbooks

Data Sharing Consent

Direct Marketing Consent – for PTA

Student HR

Parent Teacher Interviews

Request for Staff Meetings (Parent)

Request for Staff Meetings (Student)

Subject Selection Interviews

School Fete Volunteers

Information Evening RSVPs

Student Absentee Form – Illness 

Staff Leave Request Form

Administration of Medicine Permission

Newsletter Attachments

End of Term Collections

Exam Intervention / Tutoring Requests

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