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Automating start-of-year forms and processes

Digital workflows for NYC schools this September

With the complications of the pandemic still requiring careful management as we return to the classroom, New York City schools, districts and educators are embarking upon one of the most important academic years in memory.
We’re working with hundreds of schools across NYC, just like yours, to streamline operations and digitize forms with process automation and digital workflow management technology. Automating routine and recurring tasks helps deliver a smooth start to the year, allowing resources once spent on manual processes to be repurposed, ensuring student re-engagement is front-and-center this September.
Below are some of the most common start-of-year form types and associated workflows, set-up and ready for you to harness at your school:

Parent-facing forms and workflows

  • Blue Card (New 2021 version)
  • Family Income Inquiry Form
  • Media Consent Form
  • Daily Health Screening
  • COVID 19 Testing Consent Form
  • Request for 504 Accommodations
  • Request to Identify Parents on Active Duty

  • Science Lab Safety Contracts
  • Cell Phone Contract
  • Discipline Contract
  • PSAL Medical Forms
  • PSAL Consent Form
  • PSAL Injury Reporting
  • PSAL Health Screening

  • Internet Usage Policy Contracts
  • Device Loan Agreement
  • Permission to Walk Home
  • Permission to Leave Early
  • Walking Trip Outside
  • Chancellor Backpack Letters
  • Annual Notification about Consent to Release Information for Medicaid Reimbursement

  • Homecoming Booklet
  • Metrocard Replacement
  • Health Center Medical Packets
  • Medication Administration Forms
  • Visitor Check-In
  • Student Check-In by Parent/Guardian
  • Student Check-Out by Parent/Guardian

  • Consent for Pop-Up Vaccination
  • Military Opt-Out Form
  • Condom Availability Opt-Out
  • Attendance Letters
  • ELL Parent Survey
  • ELL Entitlement Letters
  • National Student Clearing House Opt-Out

  • Field Trips
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • ATS Admission Discharge Form
  • Student Registration Form
  • Housing Questionnaire
  • Immunization Request Form
  • Health History Form
  • Home Language Identification Survey

Staff-facing forms and workflows

  • 408 Verification Form
  • Per Session Time Sheet
  • Request for Personal Time Off
  • Personnel Emergency Contact Card
  • OP 175 – Application for Comp Time Position

  • Teacher Check In
  • Daily Staff Health Screening
  • Trip Plan
  • Chemical Inventory
  • NYCDOE Comprehensive Injury Report
  • Per Session Unused Sick Time Transfer Form

  • OP 198 – Application for Excuse of Absence (Sick Leave)
  • OP 201 – Application for Excuse of Absence Without Pay
  • OP 40 – Application for Retirement Leave
  • Transcript Update Form


  • Request for Coverage
  • Request for Off-Site Equipment
  • Request for Reimbursement
  • Request for Use of School Facilities
  • Request for Supplies
  • Request for a Room


  • PA Announcement
  • Electronic Fund Transfer Application
  • FMLA Application
  • Health Benefits Application/Change
  • Authorization for Imprest Fund Expenditure SIPP

  • Request for Copies
  • Technology Support Tickets
  • Custodian Request for Repair Form
  • Chancellor Regulations Sign Off
  • SLT Remuneration Form
  • Teacher Observation Selection Request

Digitize & Automate
Recurring Operational Processes

Reclaim Your Day with Operoo’s Workflow Management Platform

Operoo enables you to boost parent engagement, staff productivity, and student participation. Ensure that your operations are as efficient as possible, so that every dollar and every minute possible is focused on students.

Top Operational Processes and Forms Automated by New York School Districts in 2021

Parent, staff, student, payment, public and health workflows

Districts and schools are full of inefficient operational processes, which have an unsustainable and unreliable dependency on people and paper. At Operoo, we empower K – 12 education institutions to save time and resources by streamlining routine and recurring operational tasks with process automation and digital workflow management.
Operoo Workflow Management Diagram
In 2021, we helped over 350 schools and districts throughout New York — and 450 across the country — automate over 200 slow, expensive and repetitive paper-based processes and forms with digital workflows: From Blue Cards and Incident Management; Field Trips and Extra-curricular Activity Management; Student Registration and Onboarding; Parent Communications; Payments and Ordering; Staff Requests, Approvals and Policy Management;  and more.
Top Operational School District Processes to Automate

Operoo ROI Analysis

Did you know that the average New York school spends over $70,000
on processing paper forms throughout the school year?

Digitizing and automating school forms and workflows ensures you’re not wasting limited budgets on repetitive, manual tasks.
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