Digitising Pre-Admissions - Allerton School Case Study Webinar - for WAPH

Digitise & Automate School Pre-Admissions

An On-Demand EdTech Webinar for Warrington Area Primary Heads (WAPH)

Like most UK schools, Allerton High School in Leeds used to loathe conducting annual pre-admissions.
Largely manual and paper-based, the process meant hundreds of repetitive, time-consuming, laborious and error-prone tasks. Watch this webinar to hear how Allerton digitally transformed the way it manages pre-admissions, streamlining the entire process, automatically inducting new students once admitted, and instantly syncing data back into its Management Information System (SIMS).
Hear about the common pre-admissions challenges they faced, the solutions they found, and the stunning results they’ve achieved. Then, see how to easily replicate Allerton’s success at your school or MAT.
Eliminate your recurring paperwork pains and realise massive productivity gains.
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“I am so happy and amazed with our pre-admissions process now. We have used Operoo to completely remove all paper from the new starters parents experience. We send out all forms, digitally through Operoo. Parents love it, responding quickly and accurately from any device or language, and also provide us with student medical information. The data flows straight back into SIMS. Admin staff love it too, and it saves us loads of time, as the system triggers next steps in the workflow, subsequent communications, and does the chasing for us.”

—  Gary Loughrey, Progress Data Manager, Allerton High School

Allerton High School Results Summary

See the top 12 outcomes Allerton High School achieved by digitising and automating student pre-admissions:
Pre-Admissions Results Summary for Allerton High School

Want to see Allerton’s secret weapon?
Watch this 5-minute video:

In a COVID-19 virtual education environment, the ability to digitally prepare for a new school year remotely — no matter where you, your staff, students and parents are located — is more important than ever before.

The Wasted Millions on Traditional
UK School Pre-admissions

It’s time to digitise, streamline and automate

Traditional, resource-intensive pre-admissions take hours to complete, sheet after sheet of paper, and a huge team of administrators which all costs money. Estimates indicate that government schools across England spend a staggering £50 million on the administrative costs associated with processing just the paper-based elements of pre-admissions applications. Then, there’s the time and expense of chasing parents, manual data entry, student induction and more.
So, the frightening facts we do know are merely the tip of a very large, very inefficient iceberg. Traditional and inefficient pre-admissions processes need to move with the times.
But, there is a better way…

About The Webinar

6 reasons to watch

With Operoo, you can automate your school’s most important pre-admission processes: From data wrangling and communicating with prospective families, to collecting forms and on-boarding new students. Remove the frustration, inefficiency and cost associated with your student pre-admissions process.
Watch this education technology webinar and discover how to:

1. Establish a single & secure source of truth for important pre-admissions data

Better yet, make that data instantly accessible to all authorised staff anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Dynamic Group Management

2. Seamlessly Communicate with Pre-Admitted Families

Send automated, group and personalised digital communications to parents of pre-admitted students – based on the timing and nature of the information supplied throughout the pre-admissions process – with zero manual effort and without adding and removing data from SIMS.

3. Don’t Chase Another Paper Form Again

Easily create, distribute and collect all admission forms digitally. Zero phone calls or pieces of paper. Collect vital student data quickly and painlessly, including dietary requirements, emergency and medical information. And, set automated reminders to follow-up with non-respondents (at a regular cadence of your choosing) so that you don’t have to.

Digital Form Distribution

4. Automatically Sync Data to SIMS Upon Acceptance

Once students progress from pre-admission status, automatically create a student record in SIMS and sync accross all dietary and medical data upon acceptance – without any manual intervention, data entry or data matching required. Save time, reduce risk and information handling errors.

5. Trigger Student On-boarding Upon Enrolment

Programmatically trigger all new student on-boarding requests upon enrolment – so there’s never a bottleneck in your student registrations – with best practice digital templates for Pupil Premium Applications, Home School Agreements, Free School Meal Forms, School Trip Permissions and everything in-between.

Smart Groups

6. Fast Track Responses by Engaging Students Directly

Streamline the on-boarding process by sending digital forms directly to students. Finalise subject selections, club sign-ups and distribute student handbooks long before the new school year begins.

More on Operoo and this Webinar

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is designed for primary and secondary school leaders.

These include:

  • Regional leaders: CEOs and Directors of Multi Academy Trusts and Multi-Campus Colleges
  • School leaders: Heads, Deputy Heads, Business and Operations Managers
  • Admin leaders: Parent Coordinators, Office and Administration Managers

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