It’s not too late…

Hit the beach and automate your pre-admissions in time for September

UK School Summer Break 2021
Alright; it’s almost time to put your sunglasses on and your feet up. For many of us, it’s been the most challenging school year of our lives.
At Operoo, we’re determined to help UK educators take the break they need this Summer, while ensuring your smoothest September on record. That’s why we’re working throughout July and August to automate pre-admissions and induction processes for schools across the UK.
So, if you’re yet to pull the trigger, it’s not too late. Whether you’re looking to get set-up immediately to facilitate this year’s intake, or build your digital pre-admissions foundations now so that you’re raring to go for 2022, we can help.

The 5 Simple Steps to Success

(and the relaxing Summer break you deserve)

By now, you probably know the story: With Operoo, you can automate your school’s most important pre-admission processes — from data wrangling and communicating with prospective families, to digitally distributing and collecting forms, automatically inducting new students once admitted, and instantly syncing data back into SIMS.
But, for a recap of the six core ways we help, including a case study and on-demand webinar about how Allerton High School digitally transformed the way it manages pre-admissions with Operoo, go here:
Here are the simple steps many of the schools we work with have already taken, to seamlessly digitise and automate student pre-admissions and induction, which you too can follow:
Dynamic Group Management


Ok, so this is a little obvious, but this first step really is the biggest. After you rip the bandaid off and take-the-plunge, we’re here to help you every step of the way. It’s simple: fill-in this form, and we’ll start the process today.

Load your Pre-Admissions data

If you haven’t already, load your CTF or ATF files from your LGA and feeder schools into your Pre-Admissions group in SIMS.

Dynamic Group Management

Get your SIMS sync going

Our Customer Success Team will help set-up and test Operoo’s custom two-way SIMS integration to ensure a smooth ride. All your pre-admissions students in SIMS will sync to Operoo.

Customise your SIMS pre-admissions template & forms

The reason we’re able to seamlessly sync pre-admissions data back into SIMS is because of our purpose-built SIMS field mapping template. This template includes almost all the questions you’d ever want to ask parents about their child. We’ll help you customise this template to your particular needs.

The questions in the template correspond to data fields in SIMS, which are gathered or verified during the pre-admissions process (such as priority contact, ethnicity and religion). The template and questions contain special mapping, allowing data to sync to the correct fields in SIMS once a pre-admitted student is deemed enroled.

And, with a swathe of best practice eForms pre-built into the system, you’ll be able to get going fast. Better still, our team will help make any modifications necessary.

Dynamic Group Management

Join the 95%:
Be up-and-running in just 1 week

Almost all of our schools using SIMS are now combining Operoo’s pre-admissions capabilities and unique two-way SIMS sync to seamlessly automate and manage pre-admitted and newly inducted student data.

All you have to do now is relax and let Operoo do the chasing for you. Not only can parents access Operoo and digitally complete pre-admissions forms on any device, they’re also sent automated reminders for missing information. Just sit back and watch the responses roll in.


But wait, there’s more…

Top 35 Operational Workflows Digitised by UK Schools in Operoo

Ok, we’re not pushing a free set of steak knives after midnight. But, it’s fair to say that you can automate a lot more than just pre-admission in Operoo. Across the UK, schools and MATs are using Operoo to digitally streamline and manage over 200 operational workflows.
Check out the top 35 paper and people reliant workflows we’ve helped automate, empowering you to stop wasting resources on operational inefficiencies and, instead, focus every minute and every pound possible on student education:
Whilst Operoo can automate the distribution, collection, tracking and analysis of any information throughout schools and MATs, workflows tend to fall into four main categories:

Parent Workflows

  1. Digital consents, acknowledgments and signatures
  2. Pre-admissions and induction
  3. Student medical and emergency contact verification
  4. Parent communications and live news feed
  5. Event registration and appointment scheduling


Staff Workflows

  1. School trip & extracurricular activity management
  2. Request and approvals management
  3. Absenteeism reporting and tracking
  4. Compliance, HR and policy management
  5. Risk assessments, injury and incident reporting


Dynamic Group Management

Student Workflows

  1. Subject and GCSE course selection
  2. Student Contracts and agreements
  3. Student surveys
  4. Technology and IT help requests
  5. Club registrations

Public Workflows

  1. Event registration and tracking
  2. Contactless visitor check-ins
  3. Volunteer sign-ups
  4. School Open Days
  5. Community feedback surveys
Automate Your School Processes with Operoo

Operoo Return On Investment

Automate Your School Processes with Operoo

How Much Do You Waste on Paper Processes and Forms?

Use the sliders on the interactive calculator below to make estimates based on the size of your school operations.

Then, talk to Operoo to discover how digitising and automating school forms, workflows and processes ensures you’re not wasting limited budgets on repetitive, manual tasks.
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