Digital Registration How To Webinar for NYCDOE Clients

Operoo ‘How To’ Webinar Recording:

NYC Registration & Onboarding

Designed for Operoo Administrators and users, this complimentary training webinar follows-on from our recent case study series, Digitizing NYCDOE Registration & Onboarding.
Watch as we demonstrate the steps you need to take to set-up your Operoo environment for this year’s student registration and onboarding period. We share our tips, tricks and lessons learned to ensure you can successfully digitize and automate the entire process: From the distribution and collection of forms and Blue Cards, data wrangling and communicating with prospective families, to on-boarding new and returning students.
Discover how to eliminate data double-handling by instantly mapping Operoo eForms to official DOE PDF templates. And, trigger student onboarding requests upon enrolment in order to remove registration bottlenecks. We also go-over the key components of Operoo’s just-published Digital Student Registration Guide; a step-by-step manual outlining how to best utilize the system.
Please watch the session best suited to your school:

Session 1: NYC K-5 New Student Registration

Recorded: Thursday 4th March 2021,
2 – 3pm EST

Session 2: NYC Onboarding for Middle and High Schools

Recorded: Thursday 4th March 2021,
3 – 4pm EST

About The Webinar

What will you learn?

Join your fellow Operoo users, from across NYC, as we explore:

1. Setting-up groups in Operoo to manage the process

2. Using Smart eForms and automated reminders to remove registration bottlenecks

3. Eliminating data double-handling by instantly mapping Operoo eForms to official DOE formats

4. Setting-up Trigger Actions to facilitate student onboarding requests upon enrollment

5. Sending targeted communications in any language

More on Operoo and this Webinar

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is designed for:

1. Existing Operoo users who want to master Operoo’s digital student registration and onboarding capabilities

2. New Operoo administrators and users

3. People assessing Operoo’s suitability for their NYCDOE school

Questions about this webinar?

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