Webinar Recording: Automating Staff Processes and Remote Communications

Keeping Your School Community Connected, Safe & Accountable in the Pandemic Age

Much has been said about the rapid rise of digital learning techniques and tools to facilitate student education during COVID-19. But, many schools have also digitally transformed their operations too, achieving results and new ways of working that will benefit them long after the pandemic has passed.
As UK schools and MATs know, manual, paper-based and inefficient staff processes have drained resources and created administrative bottlenecks for years. Watch our series of case study webinars to hear how Bishopsgate School battle-tested new technology-driven systems during 2020 — for distributing, collecting and tracking staff information, forms and workflows — holding them in good stead for years to come.
See how Bishopsgate automated its internal staff processes and external communications in one digital operations platform, keeping its community protected, informed and productive at all times — before, during and beyond COVID-induced shutdowns.
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“Ultimately, the choice to go with Operoo was made easy by the range of operational tasks it enabled us to streamline in one place. We could deliver the communications experience our parents wanted and improve the efficiency of our internal staff processes.”

—  Compliance, HR and Information Manager at Bishopsgate School, Sarah Allmond

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Bishopsgate School Case Study:
Summary of Results

Bishopsgate School Summary

About The Webinar

Why watch?

“I no longer have to spend time manually chasing staff for missing forms, information, acknowledgments or signatures. Operoo does the hounding for me until I’ve got all the data I need.”

—  Compliance, HR and Information Manager at Bishopsgate School, Sarah Allmond

Over the last 12-months, much has been said about the rapid adoption of digital learning techniques and tools. But, what about the lingering operational issues schools and MATs face when grappling with physical paperwork and manual processes — particularly when it comes to managing staff?
Listen-in as we walk-through how Bishopsgate School achieved a “transformative improvement” in the speed and completion rate of all staff processes — from event management, risk assessments, bookings, CPD management, onboarding new personnel, signing-off on policies and procedures, staff requests, lateral flow testing and more.
Then, see how to replicate the same successes at your school or MAT. The webinar comprises five sections:

1. The Challenge:

Inefficient staff processes amidst the
looming demands of COVID-19.

Challenge 2

2. The Solution:

Streamlining and automating the management of internal communications, requests, approval workflows and consents in one universally accessible digital platform.

3. The Results:

Achieving a “transformative improvement” in the speed and completion rate of all staff processes and associated data collection.  Hear how Bishopsgate has automated a broad range of staff processes, including all staff appraisals, event management, risk assessments, bookings, CPD management, onboarding new personnel, signing-off on policies and procedures, requests and approval workflows, and even lateral flow testing.


4. Beyond staff processes: COVID-safe workflows and future use cases:

Building a fully-automated COVID-safe workflow to protect the school community, as well as “revolutionising” Bishopsgate’s school trip management and pre-admissions processes.

5. Demonstration:

Improving the delivery and management of staff processes at your school, including building staff eforms and digital approval workflows.

Product Launch
The UK’s National Foundation for Education Research’s (NFER) recent study, Schools’ responses to COVID-19, found that the pandemic had expedited a range of existing operational issues that schools now needed to address moving forward, including staff being overwhelmed by non-teaching-related tasks and over-stretched budgets:

1. Strikingly, nearly three-quarters (74 per cent) of teachers did not feel able to teach to their usual standard due to the extra demands thrust upon them

2. 78% of senior school leaders said that COVID-19 had significantly increased operating expenditure, (12% and 19% of secondary and primary school annual budgets respectively), putting pressure on the need to streamline recurring processes

3. Additionally, 78% of senior leaders also have concerns about supporting, managing and keeping their school safe for workers and pupils

Watch this webinar to see how Bishopsgate is addressing these issues today, while setting the school up to operate efficiently and effectively over the long-term, by embracing process automation.

Why Operoo?

Helping UK K – 12 schools streamline operational processes

Did you know that the average UK school spends over £10,000 on processing paper forms throughout the school year? With Operoo, you can eliminate the pain of paperwork and streamline all your school workflows and processes, saving you time and money.
Bishopsgate School Summary

How much do you waste
on paper processes and forms?

Use the sliders on the interactive calculator below to make estimates based on the size of your school operations. Then, talk to Operoo to discover how digitising and automating school forms, workflows and processes ensures you’re not wasting limited budgets on repetitive, manual tasks.

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