How St Peter’s College digitised and automated school trip management to escape a paperwork avalanche, give teachers their time back, keep students safe and engage its parent community.

An ANZ School Case Study:
Automate Trips and Keep Students Safe

St Peter’s College, Auckland

Paper pains, stressed staff and moth-eaten medical data

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, The Christian Brothers established St Peter’s College in 1939. Today, the boys’ school is attended by more than 1,300 students, from years seven to 13, who are supervised by 109 staff members.

A Catholic school founded on the values of Edmund Rice, the college provides a comprehensive academic education paired with an extensive program of extracurricular activities, in which students are expected to actively participate — including music, sports, arts, cultural studies and drama. In line with the Catholic ethos of inclusivity and service to others, the school is community-focused, regard- ing the families of its students as part of one collective cohort.

But, maintaining and delivering the college’s broad range of extracurricular activities, designed to build that sense of community, proved a constant and growing challenge. St Peter’s ICT Services Coordinator, Margaret Miller, explains how traditional paper-based systems of planning and managing school trips and events, in combination with manual workflows for collecting consent and student medical information from parents, became impractical. And, therefore, why a digital solution was needed to streamline the whole process.

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It’s improved the efficiency of all trips. We now receive responses within 30-minutes of sending out forms and permission requests. Everyone’s happy.

Margaret Miller
ICT Services Coordinator

St Peter’s College

Operoo Return On Investment

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Managing School Trips Without Paperwork
Best Practice Webinar Recording

School trips and excursions can be a fun way for students or participants to learn, socialise and bond. But, they can be time-consuming, risky, and a real hassle to organise.
Watch this webinar event to learn the best practices for preparing, managing and supervising excursions without the pain of paper forms.
Discover how to take all your excursion management processes online: From internal sign-offs, distributing and collecting permission forms, managing medical records and payments, responding to emergencies and recording incidents, to communicating with parents.
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