How Portway Junior School went paperless and automated all its processes in one place, giving staff their time back, improving duty-of-care and engaging parents

A School Case Study:
Automating Paper Processes

Portway Junior School

Portway Junior School is a Primary School located in Derby, England. Part of the Odyssey Collaborative Trust, Portway’s mission and School Development Plan aim to create opportunities and experiences for its pupils that raise aspirations and provide a lifelong love of learning.

To achieve these outcomes, high rates of parent engagement and student participation – across a wide range of academic and cultural educational experiences – is paramount. However, with disconnected, manual and paper-based methods of communication, information distribution and collection, parents and staff alike were finding the repetitive avalanche of paper difficult to manage.

Adey Greaves, School Business Manager and Chief Operations Officer of the Odyssey Collaborative Trust, shared Portway Junior School’s process automation journey – from paperwork calamity to Operoo.

The Challenge

Portway’s processes were almost entirely paper-based. The manual, repetitive and disconnected nature of these processes – from distributing and collecting forms, consent or requests for information – was weighing heavy on staff and parents.

The Solution

Portway needed to reduce its dependence on costly, time-consuming and unreliable paper-based means of operation, while streamlining and digitising all its school processes in one trackable, trustworthy system.

The Results

Portway is now completely paper free. Its processes are all automated, integrated (via Wonde) and governed through Operoo, with 100% of staff and parents embracing the platform. Forms are returned within hours, not weeks, and parents are more engaged than ever before.


Hear why Adey loves Operoo

“We don’t use paper at all anymore. We’ve installed Operoo for all our forms and processes, integrated it with our SIS, and found it to be a really, really great system to use. We love it.”

Adey Greaves
SBM and COO of Odyssey Collaborative Trust

Portway Junior School

Operoo Return On Investment


Eliminate paper

Eliminate paper

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