Goodbye CareMonkey, hello Operoo.

From Monday 10th August 2020, we will be rebranding the CareMonkey product and company to ‘Operoo’.

We have loved the ‘CareMonkey’ name and hope you have too. It has served us well. I know many of you have enjoyed the playfulness of the brand and memorable CareMonkey mascot over the last seven years.

Importantly, when CareMonkey becomes Operoo, you won’t have to change anything about the way you use our product or engage with our team. You’ll continue to enjoy access to the same product features, support services and pricing with which you’re familiar.


So why are we rebranding?

CareMonkey made a lot of sense when we started the company in 2013. At that time, the CareMonkey system was built to address a very specific need.

We defined it as: ‘an electronic health and safety system that automatically keeps an organisation’s medical and emergency data up to date to help better manage duty of care’.

CareMonkey was all about ‘care’. The focus was on making medical and emergency information available to teachers, coaches, scout leaders and other supervisors so they were prepared for emergencies.

Since then, our product has grown and matured. We’ve added hundreds of features that customers like you have requested. This has seen the CareMonkey system expanded from a solution for medical data to an operational platform. This platform delivers many different workflow solutions and solves many different challenges for our customers.

So while we continue to invest in our extensive medical capabilities, we now also support other important operational requirements, including:

  • Staff forms with approval workflows and ‘office use only’ sections
  • Event and custom forms for both children and parents
  • Publicly available forms for your website, Facebook page or social media sites
  • Digital payment solutions
  • Messaging for all, including push notifications, text, email and robocalling
  • Trip management, including document and medical management from any mobile device — even when offline
  • Incident management

As we’ve grown, we have better understood how to help our customers and added additional capabilities to our platform, our mission has changed to reflect that growth.

We now exist to help you eliminate operational inefficiencies so you can focus on what matters most. It’s this broader operational focus that led us to Operoo.

The ‘Oper’ part of Operoo is simply short for ‘operations’. The ‘roo’ is a reminder of our Australian origins — even though we’re now truly an international company with offices in the USA, UK and Australia. Plus, a kangaroo jumps forwards; never backwards. That’s exactly where we want to take you — forwards.


Welcome to Operoo!

Operoo is the same product you already know, just with a different name. We have the same team, the same management and the same commitment to solving problems and helping you become operationally more efficient.

From Monday 10th August 2020, any users going to or will be automatically diverted to our new website:

You’ll also see a new Operoo App in app stores soon. However, the CareMonkey mobile app will continue to work as normal.

We’re very excited to jump forward with Operoo and to be supporting you now and into the future.


Warm regards,

Troy Westley


CareMonkey Operoo