Plan and manage safe excursions and field trips with an end-to-end workflow from CareMonkey and CompliSpace that includes risk management (available in Australia only).

We have partnered with CompliSpace, an Australian leader in Risk and Compliance Solutions, to bring you PlanCheckGo; an integrated system that provides a solution for excursion risk management.

PlanCheckGo (PCG) is an online tool that helps schools of all sizes plan and manage safe field trips that minimise risk for students, staff and your school – and it integrates beautifully with CareMonkey.

This impressive excursion planning and risk management solution:

  • Fills the gap of risk management by dynamically generating risk assessments, policies and checklists for each excursion you plan
  • Provides a new online excursion planning and management workflow, and
  • Integrates with CareMonkey to pull in student records and parental consent


PlanCheckGo simplifies excursion planning and risk management for teachers and approvers.

  • The excursion management workflow guides teachers step-by-step through planning the excursion
  • The risk management tool dynamically generates risk assessments, policies and checklists for each excursion
  • Approvers can easily track and manage the excursion and have confidence that risk assessments are consistent, complete and correct
  • Excursion history and archiving makes pulling history, reports or copying an excursion is easy

Who is behind PlanCheckGo?

PlanCheckGo has been created by CompliSpace. CompliSpace are the experts in risk, compliance and policy management for schools, working with over 650 non-government schools across Australia.

Contact us if you’d like a demo and we’ll put you in touch with our friends at Complispace.